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  Bosch is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

 Not worth the money - Bosch ecosense dishwasher
When looking for a new dishwasher, our salesman sold us on the expensive Bosch, Ecosense. I am so unhappy with it's performance. They advertise that you can put in dirty, unrinsed dishes and they will come out clean. Well I put rinsed dishes in, and if they have anything on them at all, that's what they come out with, only dried on after the heat cycle. The dishwasher constantly smells, even if the filter is cleaned out. Not impressed, and wouldn't want anyone else to waste their money or fall for a commission seeking salesman's line.

Don't Buy Bosch - Dishwasher Seria# Fd8804 02110

To everyone needing to buy appliances- don't buy Bosch. I bought a Bosch dishwasher about 2 years ago. From the day the dishwasher was installed, it never worked correctly. I called Bosch and they sent a tech several trips out until gone out of business shortly after my purchase. Bosch was involved from the beginning. The dishwasher is still not working under warranty and Bosch will not make it good. I paid $1400.00 After tax, delivery and installation and the 5 year warranty. Now I will be forced to buy another dishwasher because Bosch just does not care. So beware, buy anything but Bosch.

Draining problem with Bosch Dishwasher
I am totally frustrated with this dishwasher. We bought Bosch since it was renowned for its engineering. The dishwasher had sporadically not finished draining at the end of its cycles. It became increasingly difficult and finally nothing could get it to finish the draining process. I thought maybe it was just that my dishwasher had worn out. Then I went on the web. Search Google with the terms "Bosch dishwasher won't drain" and hundreds of similar complaints come up. It spans several models. The repairman said it was a flaw with the plastic fittings that connect the dishwasher to the sink drain.I wrote an email to Bosch asking if they were aware of the problem and asking for reimbursement for the repairs. After several form-letter brush offs, they replied that their dishwasher was fine. Essentially they chose to ignore all these consumers. I would have hoped they would have been at least interested in investigating the problem. I recommend not buying a Bosch dishwasher.

Los Altos - Faulty Bosch dishwasher
I purchases a Bosch dishwasher model SHY56A05UC/14 Loved it, however the top rack came away from the inside of the wall of the dishwasher. Called the repair man he said it could not be fixed. Although I purchased in 2004 the repair man said it looked brand new and was well taken care of. Not only did I pay for a repair visit of 100.00 they needed the receipt before they would open a claim which I did find. I paid well over a thousand dollars for this unit and needless to say was very up set they offered me a new model at 752.00 plus I would pay for installation. This is really stinky as I don't have that kind of money Right now. Very very disappointed in this Bosch product. Supervisor and customer service did not know anything about anything. ridiculous.

Cannot supply parts need repair and service - Bosch Oven
After 6 weeks of waiting for my replacement circuit board, I was told there are none to be had. That is 6 weeks without an oven.
When I called and raised Holy Hell, they magically found the "last circuit board" available. It would only take them 6 days to get it from the west coast to the east coast. What a great compay. They manufacture appliances but not the parts with which to repair them. Do Not Buy Bosch. They do not stand behind their products.

Los Altos - Bosch Oven - Bad - Bosch Electric Convection Oven
I have had a Bosch electric convection oven for 2 years. I have had a series of problems with the electronic controls. The latest - I used the self clean feature for only the second time. The oven door would not unlock. Per instructions of the manual and telephone call with the company, I disconnected the circuit, to no avail. Obviously since they have this ready advice, the oven door lock malfunction must be common.

Palo Alto - Bosch Refrigerator Complaint Icemaker need Repair
My French door refrigerator buttons are so light you don't realize you have pressed the off button. My ice maker dispensing plastic chips ( from the ice maker) into my glass, I have swallowed several pieces of plastic unknowingly. Sometimes I can catch them from almost choking. I have had the repairman out several times for other problems. Now an inch sized piece of plastic has fallen into my glass, I guess I'll call the repairman! Truly disappointed in my refrigerator, it is only a year old!

Palo Alto - Bosch Double Oven Repair - HBL3550UC
The inner glass on the lower oven shattered while baking. The warranty repairmen have been out 3 times to repair. It has taken over 6 weeks to receive the correct part, which was taken off of a floor model. Bosch Customer Service never returned my phone call for assistance after initial contact was made. This oven had been installed for 2 months when the glass shattered. After the 2nd trip the repair people called to tell us the new glass would not be shipped from Germany until mid-June 2008. The glass shattered in the beginning of April 2008.

In short, don't ever buy a Bosch appliance for two reasons:
1) The Quality is bad
2) The Customer Service is pathetic.

The Story with Bosch Appliances:
In June of 2009, I outfitted my entire kitchen with new Bosch appliances because of the fantastic experience with a previous Bosch dishwasher that I purchased/installed in my preceding home. I purchased the following Bosch items: one dishwasher, one gas cooktop, one Bosch double electric wall oven, one wall mount chimney hood, and one side-by-side refrigerator.Last year my double oven's main touch panel / controller went bad (luckily I had an extended warranty to cover the costs to replace) and just this past month, my Bosch refrigerator's controller has gone bad. With the refrigerator / freezer, the freezer compartment gradually stopped being cold due to ice buildup on the defrosting system. I followed the user manual instructions a few times - unplugged it, allowing it to defrost manually. The freezer would start working again, however over time the ice would build back up and my family would be left with thawed food and no ice in the freezer again. Last week I called the local authorized Bosch service provider, that previously performed the work on my double oven, to come take a look at my refrigerator to see what was wrong. The service technician followed the Bosch inspection/troubleshooting procedures and determined that the main controller of the Bosch refrigerator / freezer was not functioning properly and that it would need replaced.I first called Bosh, then wrote them a letter asking for them to make it right, as I spent a SH*T load of money on their appliances and have had issus after issue. After not having a working freezer (in the summer) for two weeks while going through the 'process', Bosch's only corrective action/customer service was to pay only 50% of the part!

Woodside - Bosch Microwave / Oven Combo - Beware! - HBL5720UC Double Oven
We just purchased a Bosch microwave / oven combination appliance. Immediately the Bosch Microwave failed and in order to replace the controller the entire unit must be removed from the cabinet. In fact, even to replace a light bulb or fuse in the microwave, the whole thing, which must weigh 300 pounds, must be pulled from the wall. This clearly takes more than one repair person. What kind of design is that?When we called Bosch Customer Service the representative could not find the model number in her database, meanwhile we were looking at it on the Bosch consumer website. What kind of customer service is that? Stay away, if you ask me.

Woodside - Bosch Wall oven Popped!!!
The inside glass on the door of my Bosch wall oven, model HBL57, cracked when I ran the self-clean for the first time. The cycle was on for approximately 15 minutes when I heard a loud pop. Fortunately, the glass was contained to the inside of the oven, but I have lost complete faith in the reliability of this product. I think the self-clean cycles in the wall ovens are fraught with problems. My previous wall oven was a GE and the electronics board gave out during the self-clean cycle, which I why I didn't buy another GE. This type of failure is dangerous and should be taken very seriously by Bosch.

Woodside - Bosch Dishwasher obsolete
I turned on the dishwasher, there's lights and sound, but no water filled on any cycle. I smelled something burning but saw no flames or smoke. I did not think it was the washer till reading here. The washer was installed on July 2010. Sounds like a planned obsolescence. After reading all the complaints, I have decided not to call for repair. I will simply replace the dishwasher with another brand and wait to hear about Bosch going out of business or a class action suit that will last forever. Hooray!

Los Altos - Bosch washing machine control panel repair
Yes, mine is a funny one. Like many others, I have a Bosch Nexx washing machine which was bought on 19/09 for $950.00. The door latch overheated. That is a $50.00 part. After replacing, I found that it had blown the control panel. That is a $400.00 part. Finally, the tally to fix all including labor is $600.00! Isn't that a joke? I've been telling all my friends this funny joke. For some reason they don't laugh.

Woodside - Bosch Washer and Dryer expensive junk!!! Beware
I bought a washer/dryer from Home Depot, both are Bosch. I have had nothing but trouble with them. I believe I narrowed it down to the washer. It decolorizes, tears, and leaves oil marks on the laundry. It moves across the floor and smells like a sewer. Brand new items look 10 years old. Bosch won't do anything since the diagnostic found nothing. They will not compensate in any way.

Los Altos - Bosch Washer / Dryer one year new and Leaking
I purchase Bosch Washer and Dryer almost a year ago. Ever since I brought them home, I've had problems. The washer started leaking. It would beep as if the wash was completed and my clothes was soaked when I opened the door. My clothes smell bad. I am very unhappy with the product as it was a waste of money.

We moved into a home that has the Bosch Nexxt 500 series washer / dryer. Within a month, our clothes smelled like mildew. They are twisted and balled up after the spin cycle. No amount of bleach, vinegar, or scrubbing will remove the mold from the rubber seal. And I leave the door open between washes. The lint trap is impossible to clean, so the sensor doesn't work properly. I have to hang the clothes to dry after the drying cycle. I am ready to junk them and go back to a cheap top load washer. I would never recommend these products

Los Altos - Bosch Refrigerator and Freezer needs repair
Since purchasing and installing Bosch freezer and refrigerator columns in December/January 2011, the freezer had ongoing problems; primarily with ice maker and water dispenser, but also with the freezer defrosting periodically. Every 30-60 days I had authorized repair technicians here, sometimes with supervisors, and each time they assure me that they found the root of the problems and fixed it. A month later, either the same thing breaks down or a new problem starts.

These Bosch Appliances are a piece of garbage.
I purchased a washer and dryer for a heck of a lot of money because I believed too much and now they are garbage! They don't drain well, our clothes smell, and they ball your wash. My washer is ready to walk away by itself when it spins. If I could, I would burn them. Who ever heard of taking an hour to do a load of wash and you can't adjust the settings? I have heard from a lot of people that have seen my washer and dryer how nice it looks until I tell them what they are like. I let anyone who asks if I like them and I say no. I don't recommend these appliances to anyone even if they are looking at them in the stores. Now, when I look at all the comments of all your appliances, your company is no good. I will never recommend your company to anyone.

We bought a Bosch gas range four years ago. salesman said it was the best. Within the year, the front door wouldn't close completely. We had the company we bought it from come and fix it; it was still under the one-year warranty that time. Life was wonderful, except that the front knobs were a little loose from the heat that had been escaping with the door not closed. When the new hinges failed (again, less than a year after being installed), I called the store again, and had them come back and do it again. They gave me a hefty bill for it, which I disputed, since it was only a matter of months since it had been fixed. The one-year warranty was "only from the date of purchase," so I paid it. Last summer, the door started its migration from the frame once again so, being the clever ** that I am, I propped the door shut with a kitchen chair. We really struggled to shut it enough for Thanksgiving dinner, and hadn't used it since. Our Vermont Castings gas grill was our primary cooking device--everything from apple pie to ziti--ever since.

I had a Bosch Dishwasher go out on us while still under warranty. This happened in March, it is now mid September. In order to have warranty work done, you have to go through one of Bosch's certified repair facilities. A gomer from the worst appliance service firm in town came out 3 times at over $75.00 a crack. They ordered parts, which Bosch was out of. Our problem was so rare according to the wonderfully inept anti-customer service rep that I spoke to, that actually drew out a long sigh on the phone like I was interrupting a wonderful game of spider solitaire. Fast forward, 3 more service calls and we still have a wonderfully designed German paperweight. Gomer Senior from the Authorized Service Company let us slide on the last service call because he flooded my basement. Yes, a dishwasher repairman forgot about the water that could be in a dishwasher. I called Bosch and said no more, enough, just stop.

Palo Alto - Bosch Dishwasher, 2008, paid $ 1,600.00
Stopped draining water, developed endless cycle, finally started to fill up with the water overflowing to my newly renovated kitchen. The quality of the cleaning was degrading slowly, leaving residues on glass and dishes.

Woodside - I bought a Bosch gas stove 3 years ago for $1800. For the last two years, I was having trouble with the settings, but they were not interfering with cooking, so I ignored it. Now however, the pilot went out, so I had no heat in the oven and NONE of the settings are working properly. We were told we would have to get a whole new panel.

Model HES236U/01 Bosch electric range failed after 3 years. The range is not repairable. I called Gabby at Bosch and she stated that the life of a range is 11-15 years. And if furnished with documentation, Bosch would give us credit of 51% for a new stove. I sent the photos, the store receipt, and a copy of the service technician's report explaining the problem. The bottom element shorted out and burned a hole in the oven cavity. If food dripping were to spill over into the hole, it would cause a bad fire. Bosch said it is non repairable. They have gone back on their word, lied to me and will not help us in any way.
I purchased a Bosch range from Lowes in 2008. All the burner valves are leaking. This range is overpriced garbage

Woodside - I bought a Bosch washer and dryer in 2007. Almost immediately, the washer started smelling like mildew. I called the company and the woman in customer service actually told me "you bought a high maintenance machine; you will have to clean the water out every time you use it." Seriously? I didn't spend $1000 on a washer to have to jump through hoops to prevent it from getting moldy. I suffered through for 6 years doing everything they told me to do (wipe the water, leave the door open, etc.), but today I got rid of it. I honestly would have paid someone to take it off my hands. The mold was growing all over the round seal. This was completely unacceptable. I despise Bosch. I will never buy another Bosch product again.

Woodside - Electrical fire in Bosch dishwasher. Found on website that some models had been recalled for this problem. Called the 800 number. Was told that my particular model was not on the list and I could safely continue to use it. The smoke was still coming out of the dishwasher, and the stench of the burning wires and plastic was still in the air. The Bosch representative said she had no advice to offer. I asked that she make a note that this model might have a problem. She didn't know how to do that. End of conversation.

Palo Alto - Bosch is by far the worst washer and dryer that I have ever used in my life. The washer has a moldy smell since it was purchased one week ago, mold grows on trays and inside the rubber casing of door, even if cleaned every load. Do not use bleach or it will ruin your clothes with uneven bleach spots. The clothes are not very clean and they smell. The dispensers are very confusing and they drip detergent down the front. The dryer--my clothes are so much more wrinkled than any other dryer I have used. I have owned these for one year and am so frustrated that I can't tolerate it any longer so I am junking them.

Los Altos - We purchased a Bosch dual fuel range and microwave 2 1/2 years ago. The doors on both appliances had to be replaced within the first year. Now the oven's self clean feature is not working and I was told to contact an authorized repair service. The CS person could not tell me what "error41" meant. Love the looks of the ovens, but would NEVER buy them again.

On July 13, 2010 Our new Bosch Refridgerator, model B26FT70 SNS / 01, side by side was delivered to our home. While delivery truck was here, I um packed it and found one of the front doors "smashed in" ! The carrier driver emailed a picture of it to his home office / boss, to be forwarded to Bosch, notifing them we were not accepting this unit. After a couple of weeks, Bosch sent a local serviceman to evaluate the damage. He reported to them, including his own pics. They told him to just have us install the unit in kitchen, that they would just "replace the skin" the metal on the door that was dented in. Since then, multiple times, I have been told the "part is back ordered" ? It has now been 5 months and I have gotten NOWHERE ! with this company Bosch. In my new remodeled kitchen, I have a large refrigerator, with the front smashed in ! This company SUCKS ! No follow up calls, I have made all calls to them. Like I said, it arrived damaged, and I believe the whole thing should have been replaced.

I purchased a Bosch Integra Refrigerator (Model B30IR70) about two years ago.
The unit started getting warm. So warm in fact it reached 115 Degrees Fahrenheit. I have had 4 technicians come out and I am now in my fourth week without a refrigerator, and am being told that it will be another week before it is repaired.

Well, here I am joining this group of glass explosions. Mine happened today... less than 3 year old $1,400.00 Bosch range.
I loved this range, so I can not believe that this happened. I was only proofing bread dough in an 85 degree oven. I opened the door and the outer oven door glass exploded all over me and the floor. I was shocked! I had a deer hit my side window on the drivers side, the glass exploded and this oven door sounded just like that. Glass chards were all over the floor and weirdly crackling (they were not hot).

Purchased a Bosch clothes washer over a year ago, paid over $800.00. Just can't get rid of the terrible order it develops. More than once a week, have to run a cycle with bleach to relieve the bad odor. Clothes smell bad after washing. The consumer has to purchase additional product to help eliminate the order but it does not completely eliminate the problem. If I had known this before purchasing, I would not have bought it. Salesman did not warn us of the bad report. Is there anything I as a consumer can do to be refunded or assisted in dealing with this matter, or do we just take it in the shorts and take it to the scrap metal recyclers? Please help. Can't stand the smell anymore.

I bought a beautiful Bosch stove in 2008. I have had to have the stove / oven repaired 3 times due to a faulty electrical board. The first time it was because the oven got too hot when I was self cleaning it. A customer service person said that I should never clean before a party because you just don't know. What? The other 2 times, one being today, the clock went out on the stove. When I went to reset it it froze up. I cannot set the clock or turn on the stove. With the amount of money I have spent on repairs, I should just by another stove. Also, Bosch dishwasher has a mind of its own. A single washing takes 75-85 minutes! It is so incredibly frustrating. I have spent too much money on having this stove repaired. Between repairs and the water bills I pay from running a dishwasher for as I long as I do, I can say I will never buy another Bosch appliance again. Obviously, they do not last because they are not made well at all.

We purchased a Bosch front loading washing machine, the Nexxt Premium machine. Just after the warranty ran out, the LCD display went out. I called to get service and just the part was very costly. With labor and parts, we could easily purchase a new machine. I have been very disappointed with my purchases. I would not recommend Bosch to anyone.

We purchased a Bosch Vision 300 Washer Dryer Stack on June 25, 2010. Our first service visit is tomorrow, but only because we've been away for a week. The washer leaks water onto our wood floor. The dryer doesn't dry; it just turns off, wet, and beeps. We have spent $2200 plus installation costs. We were at the beginning of the beginning of hell. Bosch's website gives 200 characters to state the problem; so much for interest and support.

Palo Alto - Bosch refrigerator ice maker is poorly designed out of thin plastic that helps to release the ice from the tray. It was replaced just out of warranty. The mother board went bad at 26 months. Bosch people don't stand behind product. Over $600.00 in parts and repairs on a $2,000 appliance and they have given me two months of run around phone calls, sending paper work and said that they can not reimburse. Ice maker (part is ordered as ice cream maker for those of you who wish to fix yourself) will break again. I'm very disappointed in this product and more so in the terrible service and poor quality. I will never buy Bosh again mostly because of them not caring about customer satisfaction. Read on, so many complaints about Bosch.

Los Altos - We purchased a new Bosch Front Load washer and dryer a couple of years ago. Shortly after new, the washer started vibrating during spin cycles. Bosch Service reps came out multiple times and never fixed the problem. Now the washer wont't spin up enough to wring out the water. Lousy machine, with poor service.

I own a Bosch Nexxt 100 that is 2 years 4 months old.The machine stops nad does not continue with cycles. Bosch said to call a repair man and I was expected to bear all costs. no help was given. after paying for the repairman to come out he said that a microprocessor was bad. codes did not tell him anything so he just had to start trial and erro system. this is costly. Two years 4 months for a washing machine is short life.

On July 2009, I have purchased a new Bosch referigerator. I have requested the service twice to check about the issue of having a lot water going out and having the cooling not proper (last of which was on Oct. 08-2009). Each time I they send the technician and he reports that it is normal and no defect is found. When I bought it no one told me such a thing may happen, and now they refuse to give any assistance despite of having effective warranty of one year.

Palo Alto - I bought a Bosch Next 500 series washer and dryer in Jan. 2008. I have noticed increasing problems with the smell of our laundry, particularly towels. I've been using hot water, appropriate detergent and dryer sheets but nothing works. The clothes smell bad right after they've been washed, and I am concerned about our health with mold and mildew problems. I wish I'd kept my 20 year old machines which didn't look pretty but worked fine. Since several people have noted these issues can anything be done with a manufacturers recall?

I purchased a Bosch Range, installed on October 16, 2009. Model # HG57282UC/04
The first time I used the oven on October 17, '09, at 350 degrees, after 15 minutes the frame of the range and the burner knobs became so hot, I burned my thumb while turning on the burner. Heat escapes from the door, but there are no bent hinges or anything broken. It is a design flaw in this Bosch Range, and I suspect others. I called Bosch Customer Service and they said they would give me the telephone numbers for repair folks in my area. They were not willing to take any responsibility for a defective product or the danger involved.

In January, 2007 I purchased a Bosch ExactTemp gas Range / Oven from Lowes. The electronic control panel is difficult to use. It's a smooth surface "touch pad" type and always was hard to enter numbers - you had to press very hard. Now it's usually impossible to set the clock or the timers, thus greatly reducing the product's utility. It is out of warranty, but I wanted to log this complaint so others will know to avoid their products.

We purchased 3 Bosch appliances from Sears in March 2009. We have had to replace the ignitor in the oven 3 times ! One of the burners does not work properly (gas oven) & has to be turned off manually.The Bosch dishwasher has also been a disappointment. Unless I clean dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, they do not clean well.

The motherboard is out again on our Bosch stove. Twice in six years. Oven is kaput. This is a very costly item to replace. Though only cosmetic, the motherboard panel, cracked twice as well. Our friends liked "the look" of the Dacor stove and bought one as well, but they too have had repairs, and also have a big crack in the motherboard. Dacor, you are a shame.


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