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  DCS is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

Pros: When the oven works the heat is very even. Oven area is spacious
Cons: Burners do not light; broiler and oven eventually broke in less than 1 year

Pros: Looks nice if you never touch it
Cons: The oven doesn't heat properly, the burner ignitions break constantly. Customer service sucks.
This has been the worst stove I've ever owned including low end stoves. The burner ignitions have gone bad 3 times in the last year. The oven does not nor has ever kept the correct temperature. The thermostat has been replaced 3 times ...

San Carlos - DCS Range, Dynamic Cooking System or Disastrous Cooking Scam?
Pros: Looks great, lots of power when it works, which is seldom.
Cons: Requires repair @ every 3 months. NEVER buy this DCS range.
I purchased this 30 inch range after researching several brands. This was recommended by the major appliance center that I bought all my appliances from. I liked the range of BTU's from 200 to 17,000 and the 5 burners. This range burns so bad through your wallet ...

Palo Alto- DCS Stove / Oven- Bad Service and Product Defective
Pros: Attractive, apparently well constructed stove.
Cons: Reliable construction was NOT the case. Clearly there was a product defect.
I purchased a DCS stove with custom trim from a leading high-end chain store. While still under the basic warranty and under an extended warranty, the lamination on the oven door that was customised for a special enamel color began to pull apart.

Belmont - Great DCS Stove, Great Features, Great Price
Pros: Heavy Duty to last forever. Holds even the heaviest pans.
Cons: Would like rollers on the oven grids and under burner tray.
I carefully viewed, reviewed and shopped for about 6 months before purchasing DCS 36" range. There are a lot of great stoves in the price range of 5,000 dollars and over. I have used this stove now for 2 years and am very happy with my purchase.

Belmont - DCS 36" w/ convection
Pros: Everything.
Cons: Wish it were self-cleaning
I LOVE this stove! I'm surprised by some negative comments as I've had absolutely no problems with mine. All burners light every time and the convection is nice to have for baking. I don't think I have ever used the "high" heat on the burners.

Foster City - Professional DCS Gas Kitchen Range
Pros: The stove was suited our requirements at the time of purchase.
Cons: The warranty (both extended and manufacturer) has so far proved to be absolutely useless.
We purchased the noted stove from a high end retailer of Appliances 3 years ago. The stove has had some minor problems with the inside porcelain finish and also the timer/door closure mechanism for the self clean

Foster City - DCS Oven / Range Good quality unit
Pros: Easy to clean, accurate oven, plenty of top burner heat
Cons: Slight design problem with cold oven preventing lighting of top burners
Have owned the DCS Range Model rgs-366 for about a year now. Easy to clean and plenty of heat from cooktop. No warranty claims so far. One small complaint: when the oven is first turned on, if there are no surface burners in use, it is hard to light the surface

Belmont - DCS RGS-366 DCS gas oven / cooktop
Pros: not enough to justify the cons
Cons: five year old oven stopped working and one of the burners doesn't work
DCS RGS-366 gas oven / cooktop is only 5 years old and the oven just stopped working and one of the burners keeps clicking when it is turned on. Don't buy this product.


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