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  Fisher & Paykel is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

 Palo Alto - Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher, nothing but problems
I bought a Fisher Paykel two-drawer dishwasher about 3 years ago. It cost me a small fortune! We had our cabinets custom made to fit the Fisher Paykel dishwasher. It has been nothing but problems since the moment we got it. Now, it is on its last legs. It constantly fills up with water and my husband has to take the drawers out and wet-vac it, then put a de-humidifier in front of it for at least 24hrs. Once it is finally dry, he has to go into the basement and turn the electricity back on (which he shuts off to do this whole "drying process"). Inevitably, after one or two cycles it fills with water again and starts beeping. The beeping does not stop until we shut the power off again in the basement. The process repeats endlessly. We have had repairmen look at it and they say they see it all the time and there is nothing they can do with Fisher & Paykel appliances, they are just not made well. My mother has had the same cheap Sears dishwasher for almost 30 years! I would love to replace it but I resent the fact that I paid so much for it and it is junk. Plus, I'm afraid I will have to buy the same one again since my cabinets were specially designed to fit that model and I am afraid I will have the same problems with a new one.

Palo Alto - Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator and stove service issues
We purchased Fisher Paykel fridge and stove in November 2009 and have been having issues with both since the very beginning (which is not surprising, judging from comments here). The purpose of my comment is to give our feedback regarding the service we've been getting from local authorized dealers and support they get from the company. No matter what, do not buy any products from Fisher & Paykel ! Trying to get their appliances fixed is even more frustrating than finding out that your appliance broke down after only a few months of service. Prepare to wait for weeks and don't be surprised if the problem reoccurs within days or hours of the "fix". Then, wait a few more weeks. There is no urgency, no ownership, no pride. I don't believe the company cares. At this point, we are seriously considering throwing both fridge and stove out and buy something else. It can't be worse, can it? What a waste of money.

Fisher & Paykel washer a piece of junk
We bought an Fisher Paykel washer in 2008 which cost over $1,200. This is the first time I have read all the complaints and I can say amen to all of them. I have airplane noise, dirt on my sheets that will not come out, my clothes get caught in the crack around the bottom and pulls threads on clothes. The repairmen do not like them either. Just as soon as I can afford another washer, we will be getting rid of this piece of junk. I wish I had my 45-year-old Maytag back.

Palo Alto - Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer overpriced junk!!
We bought a brand new Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer (they were extremely overpriced) and we have had nothing but trouble with them. The fins broke on the washer within the first year. In the last 6 months, we have spent about $300 on the dryer. We just put a new lint screen and heating elements in and it still is not drying. I can't afford to put any more money in these things and at this point, I can't afford a new set, but when I am able to purchase a new set, I guarantee that it won't be Fisher & Paykel!

Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer a fortune in repair and service bills
Bought my Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer from a local retailer, 4 or 5 years ago. The washer sounds like an airplane going off and the dryer has been serviced three times. This time after only 4 years, the dryer will cost $450 to fix, plus the $117 service call. I paid what I thought was a fortune for them both, being told they were the best out there.

Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer obsolete, designed to last 6 years
I have hated them since I got them. I went yesterday and bought a $498 set of Whirlpool washer and dryer to replace them. I can't wait to get them. I am going to throw my Fisher & Paykel in the trash and tell everyone I know not to buy their products. The retailer even told me that they are not built to last more than 6 to 7 years. It's too expensive in the first place and then to find that out. Never again!

Palo Alto -Fisher & Paykel dishwasher, skip the junk!!!
This expensive dishwasher from Fisher & Paykel has ended as junk after only 4 years of light use by two persons. It has been repaired 4 times, and now, it needs to be repaired for $1,000. We now buy Miele. We have skipped this junk machine.

Fisher & Paykel refuses to defray any part of repair cost!
We bought a DD603 dishwasher in 2002 and it has worked reasonably well since then. However, a problem seems to have developed on the top drawer. I recently cut my finger when pulling it open, and discovered three sharp, probably metal projections on the pull. I can only conclude that this must be a design defect. The minimum cost in my area for a service call from an authorized servicer is $65 for just a diagnosis. Fisher & Paykel refuses to defray any part of this cost.

Palo Alto - Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer bought for $2500
I purchased a brand new Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer. We really do like them, and we have had no problems except the dryer tumbling issue which others have had. Last year in September, the dryer made loud grinding noises and then parts fell onto the laundry in the dryer. We replaced the parts and again the parts broke off onto the laundry in the dryer. I am checking to see if F&P will pay for these parts or if there is a consumer class action out there we can join. Can anyone give us information on this subject? Thank you!

Palo Alto -Fisher and Paykel refrigerator not fixable
I have a 3-year-old Fisher and Paykel refrigerator and it stopped cooling. After four weeks, with a technician going back and forth to my house, they told me that the unit cannot be fixed and discontinued. I have a 48" built-in that cost me $7,000, three years ago, and Fisher & Paykel only want to provide me with a prorated dealer credit of $5,300, what a joke. I not only paid $7,000 for this unit, three years ago, and they cannot fix it. I now have to pay another $2,500 to get a new unit. Beware, this is totally unfair and no one should ever buy a Fisher and Paykel unit.

set of junky Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer units
In 2006, I decided to upgrade a perfectly operating set of Maytag washer and dryer that I purchased in 1992. That included a set of Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer. These units have been a problem from the beginning. I have the top load dryer. It got to the point to where the dealer could no longer help me. They even gave me a replacement after 2 years of ongoing problems. Now, the replacement is malfunctioning. I hate to say it, but these units are junk. I bought them because of reputation. But I will never ever recommend anyone buying them.

Portola Valley -I bought a Fisher Paykel dryer model # DE62T7G.
Do not buy! This dryer looks great and is sold as an energy efficient dryer. It breaks down constantly. We have had the heat coils replaced and the reset button replaced, after it took over 4 hours to dry clothes one year after purchasing the unit. Now it is no longer drying and makes a grinding sound as it cycles. We have already spent in excess of $200 dollars getting it repaired. This is a 2 year old dryer. Of course it is out of warranty and at his point why sink money into a lemon.

Portola Valley - Fisher & Paykel refrigerator , service technician said cannot be fixed
We purchased a Fisher & Paykel refrigerator when we remodeled our kitchen. After 3 years, the door alarm kept beeping after we closed the door. This would keep going until we opened the door and pushed the button inside. We called the company and tried everything they suggested, to no avail. We went online and found that many other consumers had the same problem. Finally, we asked for an authorized service company. It cost 95 dollars to get them to come out and tell us that they needed a part to make the repair. When they returned, they told us that the part was defective and they would talk to Fisher & Paykel again. They came out a third time and then the refrigerator would not work at all. We were told that it could not be fixed. We called F & P and they told us we were out of warranty and offered us a pro rated price on a new refrigerator.

Palo Alto - Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer need service right when out of warranty
I purchased Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer on September 26, 2009. The pump blew out on April 27, 2011, so it was about 6 months out of warranty. When it was serviced, I was told by the technician that it was likely that the control panel would go as well. Sure enough he was right, the control panel malfunctioned next wash. The technician suggested that I call Fisher & Paykel directly because neither of these items should need replacing so soon after purchase. F&P refused to stand by their product in any fashion. I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere if you are in need of a washer and dryer. Let me add that the machine was only used about 2-3 times a week.

Portola Valley - Fisher Paykel Washing Machine a fire hazard
I bought our Fisher Paykel Washing Machine on Aug 07. Water has been leaking out of it occasionally, it was attributed to too much load. About two weeks ago, it started leaking almost every load. I researched the problem, and was very determined it has to be the discharge pump. I ordered a new pump from Sears Parts Direct two weeks ago. While still waiting for the pump to be delivered, I decided to do a load of laundry. I can handle the water leak on the floor because the washer is in the basement. Sometime during the wash, the whole circuit board shorted out. What a fire hazard and shock hazard! We called Fisher and Paykel and calmly told them what happened, but the customer service person hung up on us.

Palo Alto - Fisher & Paykel refrigerator / freezer poorly engineered
Our Fisher & Paykel refrigerator/freezer unit has had a series of failures due to poor manufacturing quality. Factory technicians have been out several times to repair the unit for different issues. The current problem is that the ice maker will not make ice. It will make ice with one or two cycles after the freezer is defrosted, but then will cease to function.
I called customer service. Customer service refused to get involved because the unit has recently gone out of warranty. They will not take into account the quality history of our unit. The customer service agent claims that the problem is that we don't have the Fisher & Paykel supplied water filter hooked up. This is a false claim for two reasons. First, the water is filtered elsewhere. Second, the unit does produce ice immediately after being defrosted. The trouble is with the sensor or solenoid that controls water filling of the ice tray. The lack of the filter is being used as a further convenient excuse to avoid involvement.

Palo Alto - Fisher and Paykel wall oven dangerous fire hazard
My wife and I purchased a Fisher and Paykel wall oven in 2006. It worked for almost two years then began to have problems after problems. I have notes that fill pages dating all our troubles, repairs and contacts with the company. It finally nearly started a fire in our kitchen while in the cleaning mode. We paid for repairs and had several technicians work on the oven and ended up frustrated with the poor quality and really bad customer care. I sent a demand letter, that garnished a response. Fisher and Paykel "pro-rated" us the next newer model and we paid them even more money just to replace it with another oven. The replacement (that we had to pay for) has lasted 18 months and is having nearly the same issues. I have left messages with the customer care rep and the technician. No replies, no contact, no service, and a very expensive oven that will not work.

Palo Alto - Fisher and Paykel double dishdrawer dishwasher
We purchased double drawer dishdrawer, oven, stove top, and downdraft vent in 2008. We have had problems with all the products except the vent. We like the appliances when "they are working". The biggest problem is getting service.

I would never use Fisher and Paykel appliances again
We purchased at Lowes with extended warranty through Fisher and Paykel Factory service. Each problem takes a ridiculous amount of time to correct with numerous visits out. From the time we report a problem until the time it is fixed, it could take months. The Fisher & Paykel warranty repair service does not stock the most basic parts, so each part has to be ordered from the factory and shipped directly to us. On numerous occasions, the parts are shipped directly to us from the factory, and when the extended warranty repairman finally shows up, we find that the parts shipped were not correct or incomplete. It literally takes months to get the right part and then for a competent technician to figure out how to install it. Apparently, Fisher & Paykel and their Authorized Repair companies couldn't care less for their customer's convenience or satisfaction. As a building contractor, I would never use these appliances again or recommend them to anyone else.

Portola Valley - Fisher and Paykel refrigerator glued on door handle
I own a Fisher Paykel refrigerator. The door handle is loose. I called the company to ask how this could be fixed as I don't see any screws. I was told that they could not help. No way could I speak to the technical service department. They gave me a telephone number of the appliance repair services in my area so I can arrange for service call at my own expense since the fridge is no longer under warranty.

Fisher & Paykel dish drawer broken parts
Poor quality dish drawers: We purchased Fisher & Paykel dish drawers 4 years ago and have had numerous service call outs since installation. The plastic tub parts have broken, and most recently (today), a temperature sensor failed, and the upper unit started to smoke. When this happened previously, I followed the advice of customer service which was to turn the power off at the source for a short while, then re-power and run a cycle. It worked the first time, but not this time. I fear the unit is dead, and out of warranty. 4 years - way too short a time to replace a dish washer, but that's what I think we will do.

Fisher Paykel double dish drawer F1 error code
I own a Fisher & Paykel double dish drawer and have had nothing but problems with it over the past 5 years. It floors over causing a F1 code every 3 months. This damages the basement ceiling every time. Now I am having problems with my Fisher & Paykel double oven. When I tried to use it after self cleaning, it will not heat. I will never own a Fisher and Paykel product again! The past 5 years have been a huge expensive nightmare!

Portola Valley - Fisher and paykel Dish Drawer not for bowls
I have the Fisher and Paykel 2 drawer dishwashers. I called customer service to ask it there were other options for the dish drawer because the tines are so close together, bowls don't fit very well and I can't put many dishes in the drawers. She said there weren't any options and I said, "Well. I don't like the dish drawers because of this." She said. "Well, I guess you should have done more research before you bought the dish drawers!" I was appalled at her response (and yes that is true). Had I realized the tines are impossibly designed as to fit bowls, I would have never bought these dish drawers.

Fisher & Paykel Double Dish Drawer failed out of warranty.
The entire unit was replaced at no cost by them but at an install cost to me. Now, our second DD dishwasher has water in both draws. It stays about 2 inches and is unsanitary. Their products are horrible!

I will never buy a Fisher and & Paykel appliances again
I purchased an Fisher & Paykel refrigerator 2 1/2 years ago when I remodeled my kitchen. It is a basic unit, no fancy extras. Recently it developed a knocking noise that sounds like it is making ice but it doesn't have an ice maker. I called an authorized repair dealer and learned that it will cost almost $200 excluding parts to correct this problem. A major appliance should function for more than 2 1/2 years without repair! I will never buy a Fisher and & Paykel product again.

Portola Valley - Fisher Paykel dishwasher drawer, the worst appliance ever!!
I have owned a Fisher and Paykel double drawer dishwasher since 2009. It happened to be the worst piece of appliance I had owned in my life. The washer is constantly not draining and dishes come out dirty, although I always pre-wash them and they go in almost clean. I have had service calls every year, and finally, it started leaking and requires $350 service. I am done with this dishwasher and I am not planning to put a single cent into it. I wish there was a lemon law and someone would back up this product. I have read consumers reviews complaining about the lack of support by Fisher and Paykel. I am not even going to try.

Our house came with a Fisher Paykel gas range (RGT484 series)
It supposedly high end appliance and expensive. An internal brass nut/compression fitting split lengthwise, causing a serious gas leak which filled the kitchen. Fortunately we smelled the gas before any explosions or asphyxiations occurred. Cost to replace small defective nut: $226. Estimated time for receipt of nut: 2 weeks. Outrageous. I would not even consider another Fisher Paykel product in the future, and urge others to consider this before buying.

Palo Alto - fisher-paykel top loading washer dryer set
I purchased for $800.00 a fisher-paykel top loading washer dryer set in November of 2007. The dryer has been repaired 6 times and now we are on number 7. Have been without a dryer this time for 4 weeks. The parts were ordered twice with missing pieces last week. I have had the motherboard replaced, the heating element twice, the pully kit and now the drum bearings are out. Whoever heard of drum bearings going out in 2 years?

Portola Valley -Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator, need repair again, it didn't work out of the box
January 1, 2010 I bought a Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator and a 2 drawer dish washer. Fridge didn't work out of the box. Took service tech to get it running. Same with dish washer 18 January and I still don't know what is wrong with it. Please for your own sake do not but Fisher & Paykel appliances. They are Junk. I want a different dish washer although I don't know if that will happen.

Palo Alto - Fisher & Paykel Oven / Stove paid $4000 that is useless!!!
We were sold a defective Stove / Oven by Fisher & Paykel. In the first 4 years we owned it, we had over 6 service calls for major things. One of which still plagues us today, that of the oven. From day number one the oven heated slowly, but we thought that was just the way it was. Over the next 4 years if got worse and worse until 2 years ago, I started calling trying to get customer support and technical support as to what might be the problem, now that it was just out of warrantee. They have continuously refused to help us out. It is now 2 years since we have been able to really use the oven because it takes like an hour to heat up and once it does, if you open the door to put your food in at the prescribed temperature, the ignitor glows red, but will not reheat the oven. And now, when it does try to reheat, it smells like gasoline. Because the economy has not been so kind to us, we have to do most of our own repairs and Fisher & Paykel refuses to help us. This is a $4000 oven / stove that is useless. I want my money back so we can replace the thing with one that works.

Portola Valley - Fisher and Paykel Gas dryer
I purchased a Fisher and Paykel Gas dryer March of 08 at a Sears Outlet store. After about a month I noticed that the drum would often lock and would have to be opened manually. They give instructions on how to do this, but it seemed to be happening a lot. Then in January 2009 the drum wouldn't open at all. There were 2 companies that would service this machine and one came out. He had to order the part and 3 weeks later I had it fixed. Then in July 2009 the heating elements went out and they had ordered me new elements. It was heating, it just took over an hour to dry a light load.
Fisher & Paykel Authorized repair company went out of business so I tried this company. Then even before the parts came in August 3 2009 the lid wouldn't open again. They came back out and couldn't get the drum open either. He had to order more parts. Weeks later, I was told they were on back order (they come from Australia).

Portola Valley - Our Fisher and Paykel wall ovens are a complete disaster.
They break with every self-cleaning, and sometimes they just don't seem to regulate temperature properly. After making at least six major repairs on one of our ovens, Fisher & Paykel gave in and replaced it with a new one. That one died almost immediately. We had it fixed and it's broken again. Meanwhile, the glass door on the other one cracked during cooking. Right now, neither oven is working. I would love to be rid of them - alas, they are built in!!

The Fisher & Paykel wall oven that we bought has NEVER worked. The company will not replace it. DO NOT BUY the product


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