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  Frigidaire is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

 Palo Alto - Frigidaire refrigerator FGHB2844LF is a lemon.
The ice maker has stopped working 5 times in 16 months; twice under warranty. We did purchase the extended warranty but we have lived more often without ice than we have with it making ice. Frigidaire is not interested in customer satisfaction. Do not buy this product.

Palo Alto - Frigidaire Cooktop Burners out again
Purchased Frigidaire cooktop 3 years ago. After first year, problems began. Only have 3 working burners and it keeps tripping the switch on a regular basis.

Sunnyvale -Frigidaire Dryer Failed, need repair
Dryer failed the day before the warranty expired and they refused to warranty dryer. They say that because I was unable to reach them the night it failed the warranty is expired although the dryer was in warranty when it broke. I am of the opinion that the dryer was in warranty when it broke therefore they should repair it. This tell just how well they honor their warranty and I will never purchase another Frigidaire

Redwood City - Defective Frigidaire front load washer and dryer that needs to be RECALLED!!!!! -
WOW I sure wish I had read all these bad reviews before I wasted $1500 on my P. O.S washer & dryer. After about a month the dryer started to get the clothes hung up inside the drum, at first I thought that maybe that load was to big, but it does it on small loads also. So after lots of tore up clothes, & a stack of about 300 or more pictures to prove it, I called & told them I believe you have a faulty design!!!RECALL IT! They had someone come out & service it, replaced EVERYTHING inside the dryer (even the drum itself), that did nothing.

Palo Alto - Frigidaire Appliances worthless - Washer Dryer Set nbeed service again
Four years ago I purchased a very high end Frigidaire washer and dryer(don't even remember the model now) I had this set less than 2 years before the dryer went out. I had purchased a extended warranty on the set and because the dryer could not be fixed I was sent a gift card in the amount of the original dryer, but only good on Frigidaire products. Within six months the washer had severe problems too.

Poor Quality Frigidaire Appliances - Washer, Stove / Oven, Refrigerator, Microwave
AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- We built a new house in April 2008 and all appliances were Frigidaire. To date all but the Dryer and Dishwasher have failed (in some way) with ZERO warranty assistance. #1 Washer model ATF7000FSI. Aggitator paddles inside drum break (three times with nothing heavier than jeans inside) and door unlockes when it feels like it. #2 Side by side Fridge model FRS6LE5HSB3 The day AFTER the warranty expired the ice in door quit working, still makes ice and dispenses water but when the ice paddle is pushed no ice drops and the auger inside the tray doesn't turn. #3 Microwave model FMV159GC The handle on the door cracked all the way from base to tip. Frigidaire said "abuse or slamming too hard" I can assure you this door was never slammed. It looks like the (cheap) plastic dried up and split. #4 The Range (my personal favorite) Model GLEFZ369FCC Not only is this glass-top model junk it is a fire hazzard. The front-left heating element in the glass top heats to wide open HOT when ever it wants and doesn't shut off unless you turn it the wrong way (to off) SEVERAL times. Sometimes when it goes off you will find the stovetop glowing red a few minutes later. All items were purchased new when home was built, they are not bottom end models and all but the washer are Stainless Steel. I would stay away from this brand. Google any of there products and look at all the complaints of quality and service with this company. I wish I did before purchasing. After all these problems our custom home builder is no longer using this brand.

Sunnyvale - Frigidaire Professional Ranges Won't Work - Ranges
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We have purchased two Frigidaire Professional ranges, and neither will work. The part number is FPEF3081KF. Frigidaire is saying that the problem is the electrical service in this part of the US (Kansas). However, we aren't having any problems with the Frigidaire Gallery, GE, Samsung, or Whirlpool appliances in this same small development. Supposedly Frigidaire is replacing one range (with who knows what) and says the other doesn't qualify because it's not a manufacturing defect.

Heating element - Frigidaire oven
The back end of the heating element is lying on the floor of the oven. It is burning into the oven. The customer service representative told me this should not happen unless the heating element has been tampered with but it hasn't been touched. I'm not sure if this is dangerous or not. The Rep was supposed to call me back to let me know if brackets for the heating element could be purchased and installed to lift the element off the floor of the oven.

Palo Alto - Frigidaire Oven Problems - Oven / Ranger
I purchased a home last year with a Frigidaire electric range/oven. It seems to be fairly new, (4 years old) according to the owner's manual and the repairman. I was roasting in the oven when the temperature kept rising. It would not cut off. I was afraid the oven was going to explored. I turned the breaker off until I could have someone look at it for me. He checked it out and it seemed to be working fine. He thought it was the electrical panel. He said it would cost $450.00 to replace. I wanted to check around first because I thought that seemed too high and I could probably buy a new one for a little bit more. So for about a month it worked fine, then last week I was roasting a chicken and the oven started beeping. The same problem occurred with the temperature gauge. Now when I turn on the breaker the oven will come on even if I have not turned the oven or stove on. The oven will start itself and the temperature keeps going up. It seems like this product has a lot of problems and I don't think I would ever buy this product or any product from Frigidaire.

Sunnyvale -Ice Maker Stops Working - Frigidaire Refrigerator
Frigidaire refrigerator FGHB2844LF is a lemon. The ice maker has stopped working 5 times in 16 months; twice under warranty. We did purchase the extended warranty but we have lived more often without ice than we have with it making ice. Frigidaire is not interested in customer satisfaction. Do not buy this product.

Frigidaire Wine Storage Refrigerator - Wine Storage Refrigerator FFWC35F4LB
We purchased a small wine storage refrigerator from a dealer. After nine months the cooling unit failed. Well within the warranty period of one year, I contacted Frigidaire (per their policy) and had to aggressively pursue that communication to receive permission to return the unit to another retail store who Frigidaire said would exchange the unit. A call to that dealer resulted in more delays, and what's worse: no return calls. Finally, frustrated, I contacted Frigidaire again who told me that the warranty period had expired and that their records showed that my unit had already been return several months ago. They 'offered' ad 50% discount on a new unit, but now won't even return my emails or phone calls. I found their behavior unethical and deliberately deceptive.

Palo Alto - Frigidaire Refrigerator / Freezer - 26 cu ft Side by Side
Ran it at Max for first 2 weeks, thinking it is new and the weather is hot. Frig part was barely cold so got a thermometer which registered in danger zone. Freezer was fine...then. Called for service and told had to wait 2 days (and take a day off from work). Upon returning home on the day I called, found refig temp at 60 and freezer defrosted. Over $300 worth of food gone spoiled. Called customer service and as a result received a $25 check (an insult) for food loss (not to mention 2 days lost pay which I knew there was not a prayer of getting).

Noisy Frigidaire Refrigerator
I have exactly the same problem. My Frigidaire refrigerator is so noisy that I have to turn the TV up to hear it when the fridge is running, which is often. I hear it in every room of the house and my nerves are shot. I can't relax in the kitchen where I like to sit and drink my coffee or eat meals. I called the Frigidaire dealer to have it checked it and was told it was normal and working properly. I have never had a fridge that was this noisy. It has been the same loudness since the day I got it. I've put up with a it a long time and it is driving me crazy.

Palo Alto - Frigidaire Dishwasher FGBD2432KW
My husband and I bought a Frigidaire Dishwasher early this spring 2011 at Leon's and it does not clean worth a damn on any cycle! Imagine having to clean your dishes in the sink before loading them into the dishwasher! It cleans so bad that if wet soya sauce is left on a dish it will actually bake it on the dish! Oh and don't think that there is an issue with plumbing or the water pressure, it would seem the only sprayer that kind of works is the one in the bottom but the one on the upper rack appears to be only for decorative purposes! Leon's has refused to take the defective machine back and refund our money or honour the four year warranty that was purchased and Frigidaire suggests changing the detergent. Let see I've tried Cascade, Electrasol, Somat 3 and Palmolive nearly all to the same effect but I have to say Somat 3 does work the best. I'd just like to say I bought a lemon and my son says "I told you so".

Substandard Products - wall oven & dishwasher
Less than 2 years ago I bought all new Frigidaire appliances for my kitchen. Within the first year the motor on the dishwasher had to be replaced, and it still sounds like a jet plane landing. Within the first year there were 2 service calls made on the wall oven. The second call resulted in the entire board having to be replaced. 2 weeks ago the wall oven completly failed again. When the service tech came to repair the oven the second time he suggested I not use the self clean feature as this causes "all kinds of problems" The self clean feature was one of the reasons I purchased that model. I should add that there is only one person living in the home and both the dishwasher and oven have been used very few times. Now Frigidaire says I have to pay to have a service tech come out again BEFORE they will assess the oven. So....after buying 5 new Frigidaire appliances and having major issues with 2 of them in less than 2 years I think speaks volumes about their products. The satisfied customer is not an option for Frigidaire. They have been completely unwilling to assist in any manner. Caveat emptor!

The Extra's Frigidaire Doesn't Want You To Know About - Frigidaire Affinity ATF6700FS1
Purchased the washer in December 2008. The washers control panel turns on by it self, and then starts beeping, when you use the CANCEL button it turns off for a few seconds then turns on again, this will continue until you unplug the washer and leave for a couple of hours. The above machine was replaced with a new one, but the problem still exist. The electrical c