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  Kenmore is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

Palo Alto - Kenmore Oven Handle Came off During Baking
Kenmore Cooktop. This oven is only a 2 years old, and this morning while I was baking the oven handle came clear off. Very dangerous defect. I had to catch the hot...

Redwood City - Kenmore Refrigerator Elite Series Products are Junk
My wife and I purchased all new Kenmore elite Refrigerator and Range appliances two years ago. since day one we have had nothing but trouble with the appliances. thi...

There are better choices than Kenmore Appliances
I purchased many new appliances Kenmore Refrigerator, Microwave, Clothes Washer, Stove, Dryer, Cooktop for my home three years ago, most of them Kenmore. I want to people to know what a poor performer the Kenmore brand i...

Palo Alto -Kenmore stove defective
As noticed on M3C, some Kenmore stoves have a dangerous defect in their manufacture. I purchased a Kenmore stove in late 2006. In 2009 the oven door...

Redwood City - Kenmore Dishwasher Dangerous
Our 2 year old Kenmore dishwasher started leaking and flooded the basement under the kitchen. The heating element melted a whole in the plastic on th...

Palo Alto - Kenmore Electric range - Replacing The Front Panel
Kenmore Elite Electric Range Model #79046373404. Using the oven like normal I received an error message F2. I pushed buttons and the beeping finally stopped. I cleared and reset the oven as described in the manual. Following the reset parts of the panel would not operate the warmer drawer or warmer burner. The oven portion of the panel required tremendous pressure to engage the oven. I called the repair service and they came the next day. The repair person did an excellent job of diagnosing the problem. However, the problem was the whole panel needed to be replaced and it was not from user neglect.

Palo Alto - Kenmore Refrigerator 5263200, a LEMON!!!!
I purchased a Kenmore side by side refrigerator for $1135.53 on 7/30/02. It had a 5yr warranty from Sears. After two years the Sears repairman had to replace the compressor. Parts warrantied but it cost me $235 plus tax for labor plus $300 in spoiled food. Three years after that the compressor went again and the service call was $81.28 plus another $300 in spoiled food. The Sears repair said it would cost me somewhere over $700 for a new compressor because my warranty expired a couple of months prior.

San Carlos - Kenmore Oasis Washer
When it works it washes clothes but our brand new machine broke after two months - we are a suburban family of four (two daughters) with only moderate...

Kenmore a Fire Hazard - Kenmore side by side refrigerator
I just had my 5 year old Kenmore side by side refrigerator catch fire. This filled my kitchen with smoke and when I looked behind the service panel in the back I had actual flames in the insulation. I pulled the panel off and suppressed the fire. I found many burned wires on the relay on the compressor. The compressor was still running as it failed to kick off!

Palo Alto - Kenmore Dryer Lasted 13 Months
Bought it new with 12 month warranty. 13 months later no heat. They said too bad. Will never buy Kenmore again.

Sears Kenmore ELITE Convection Oven Model
Purchased a Kenomore Elite Range Nov, 2008. July 2009 the display unit malfuncitoned and I called Sears, it was still under warranty so they fixed the problem, so I thought. Jan 2010 same exact problem, called Sears and they told me that it was out of warranty and they would not fix it.

Palo Alto - Kenmore Elite Oven
We purchased a Kenmore Elite double oven in Sept 2008. We finshed our remodel several months later and attempted to use the NEW oven at Thanksgiving.
From day it the temperature has been much hotter and has not been repaired in four plus attempts. Beware of Sears and their Kenmore warranty . Based on our problems, we obtained the extended warranty. Never did we figure that we would not get the oven repaired. The warranty does have a "lemon agreement", but the countless repair visits (taking our time), and the inability to use the oven is frustrating. I have no confidence in Kenmore for their products, service, and when it come down to it I seriously doubt that they will adequately back up their LEMON guarantee.

Redwood City - Kenmore Stoves - Kenmore Stove & Convection Oven
I purchased a high-end Kenmore stove with self-clean convection oven seven years ago. I am now replacing the control board for the second time, each time at a cost of about $600. I will never buy a Kenmore brand again.

Palo Alto - Kenmore Refrigerator, Wall Oven, Dryer, Washer - Appliances
In 2005, I moved into a new home with all new Kenmore appliances. The washer was replaced nearly immediately, when some minor outside damage also included inside problems. The dryer needed a new timer in 3 years. The wall oven had to have a new touch panel in 4 years. The refrigerator lost its compressor at 3 years. Then the replacement touch panel on the wall oven went bad in less than 2 years after installation. Is there a good brand somewhere?

Palo Alto - Kenmore Washer Broke After 3 Months - Kenmore Top Load Washer
WOW, Never thought that Kenmore appliances would turn out to be JUNK. After 17 years we replaced our Hotpoint washer with a Kenmore. Imagine my shock and horror when after only 3 months the washer started spewing water out of the bottom. And NO the hose was not disconnected.

Redwood City - Kenmore Electric Range - Appliance Defect - Kenmore Electric Range
In March 2010 I purchased an Kenmore Electric Range and since 2010 I have several Kenmore appliances. I have been using Kenmore appliances for over 20 years. On October 9, 2011, I was using my Kenmore Electric Range and the handle come off on one side of the range. In a manner of minutes the glass door poppped and shattered. I have a few cuts on my legs and feet - was very lucky it wasn't more serious.

Redwood City - Kenmore Elite front loading washer
We purcheased a new Kenmore Front Loading washing machine complete with Kenmore Dryer from Sears in April 2008 and barely used the machines. The washer became really noisy by the summer of 2010. We had to hire a repairman to look at the machine as it was out of warranty and we were told that the bearings were gone. The estimated bill would be over $500.00 to fix. Sears and Kenmore would not take any responsibility for the repair on the 2 year old machines. As a rsult we will no longer be shopping at Sears or purchasing any Kenmore appliances.

Palo Alto -Never Buy Kenmore Elite Convection Oven Range
I paid almost $3000 for what I thought was a high quality product from Kenmore. It is a Kenmore Elite Convection Oven with the nice digital display. I bought in February of 2008 and have had nothing but problems with it and now the GLASS SHATTERED AFTER BAKING FOR 15 MINUTES AT 350 F!!! I have had the digital display replaced what will need to be 3 times now in (twice within the first 8 months) and now a third time (since I had to purchase the darn Sears warranty extension….

Palo Alto - Kenmore Washer and Cook Top Stove
We have both a Kenmore top load washer and Kenmore cook top stove. We have always been strong supporters of Kenmore, as were our parents. However, both of these products have been disappointing. On the washer, the lid has to be "slammed" down to disengage the safety switch so the washer will run. The cook top stove, the simmer select burner has all together stopped working.

Redwood City -Kenmore electric convection oven
From day one the oven would beep that the desired temp had been acquired, but the thermometer we installed said it was not as hot. Called the repairman several times with no success. A few months ago the self cleaning broke, a few months later the broiler quit and now 3 1/2 years old and the entire oven quit. My Elite Dishwasher doesn't clean the dishes unless I pre-wash. I won't have any more Kenmore appliances without an extended warranty.

Rusting Stainless Steel - Slide in Gas Range with Electronic Oven Control
About 5 years ago I purchased an Slide in Gas Range from Sears/Kenmore and got them to install in my house. Due to my life conditions, I do not cook very often but I never had issues with the range. A few months ago, while cleaning it, I noticed some stains on the stainless steel surfaces that would not come off. Last week I was cleaning it once again and I noticed that the stains are not stains, it is actually rust and it is increasing in size.

Palo Alto -Kenmore Elite Gas Double Oven
Three years ago, I purchased a Kenmore Elite gas double oven, paying over $1300 for it. This past month, the "idiot" board quit on it, not entirely, mind you...but enough so, that it is frustrating, especially on a fairly new appliance....the timers can't be set, and the oven lights won't work....the ovens can't be regulated as they should be.....the top oven won't heat up over 350 degrees.....the bottom oven will go to 425 degrees, but it keeps surging when I shut it is definitely a safety hazard.....why isn't there a safety recall on this????? Long story short, to replace the "idiot" board will coast $450. Why is Sears making a piece of crap and charging so much for it? I had a double oven for years before this (from Sear's) and loved it....why are we having to deal with junk?

3 Weeks And Counting With No Stove To Use - Kenmore Elite Electric Cooktop
I purchased a glass cooktop from them earlier this year, used it for less than 3 months when the glass breaks. I call them and am told I have to wait for the new glass to get to my house and then they will replace it. So a week and a half later I stay home all day waiting and the tech arrives to replace the glass, to find the person who ordered the parts did not order all of them. So they order the parts "emergency" so I should get them in a day, so by Monday I'm again staying home waiting for the parts and the tech to show up and the parts don't come so the tech is delayed.

Redwood City - Kenmore Elite Washer Worthless
After purchasing an expensive Sears Elite HE5T Washer and Dryer, we thought by buying from a reputable source and paying a lot of money we would have a good product. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Washer (1 1/2 years old) has broken down twice - giving errors that you HAVE to pay for their technicians to come out and analyze. One was a jiggle of the wires and bingo it worked, how interesting. Another appears to have part of the mother board replaced. Interesting, now $350 into this and what is next. There are only 2 of us, we do wash once a week, 2 - 3 loads max. WHY doesn't the consumer protection agency investigate these practices of Sears, the internet has listed thousands of similar complaints. Many of the same error code which has been going on for years! Why hasn't Sears corrected this? Because they are making mucho money off their warranties and repair work!! DO NOT BUY SEARS PRODUCTS!!


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