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  Kitchenaid is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

 Palo Alto - We purchased a Kitchenaid Gas Sealed Burner cooktop in early 2009 and had it installed in a slab granite countertop over an oven. This was model #KGCS166GSS - a 5 burner model with cast iron (I was told) burner grates. We cleaned the grates appropriately as per instructions and never even put them in the dishwasher or dropped them but after about a year (after ther 1 yr. warranty on parts expired), a crack developed in one of the grates. It's an $840 fiasco. Almost from the beginning it would not clean the dishes. They came out dirtier! Food crusted on, glasses with a dirty grim on the outside, coffee stains still in the cups, silverware greasy. I called KitchenAid and was told to turn the hot water temp up on my hot water heater and "Thanks for calling KitchenAid. Good bye." How does that help my bottom line?

Palo Alto - I bought a KitchenAid dishwasher (Model: KUDS30IXBL) and within a couple of months, I noticed that the side air vent was damaging the wood cabinet and the drawer next to it. I called KitchenAid customer service and was told that there was nothing they could do about it because, according to them, the dishwasher was functioning properly. I called the store where I purchased it from and they sent out a couple of installers who looked at the damage and said,"I knew this was going to happen when I saw the side air vent design." They took a couple of pictures of the damage and said that they would let their boss know. I have been waiting for two weeks and no word yet from them.

My KitchenAid dishwasher KUDE70CVSS2 Ser# F01302856 was installed on 5/21/2010. The sanitized light was always blinking at end of Sani-Rinse cycle: dishes not sanitized. KitchenAid now manufactures junk. The unit is only 17 months old and the service person said the main electronics board needs to be replaced. Fortunately, it is well within the three year extended warranty so the service call etc. is free. This unit is a free replacement for another KitchenAid dishwasher, which the extended warranty provider deemed a lemon two months before the end of the three year extended warranty contract expired.

Lucky us! If you purchase a KitchenAid dishwasher, be sure to buy at least the three year extended warranty. Also, read the contract fine print to determine what circumstances your dishwasher will be deemed a lemon and replaced. Not all extended warranty providers have a lemon clause in their contract. Do not purchase an extended warranty unless the contract has a lemon clause. And do not purchase a KitchenAid dishwasher without lemon clause coverage.

We purchased KitchenAid KUDS30IVWH3 a year and a half ago from Lowe's. All new dishwashers have a new connector that hooks the water supply to dishwasher. It simply screws onto a plastic piece. Over time this connector simply came loose. It flooded our kitchen and laundry room which has been three months of restoration - new floors, rebuilt cabinets, etc. And it cost many thousands of dollars for the insurance company. It has been a serious problem. The plumber said these new connectors are not safe and he gets nervous every time he installs one. He said they cannot be refit with a different connector. I am the second person he has had with major flooding in the home due to the new connectors. He said the European dishwashers still have the old brass connectors. This KitcheAid dishwasher was purchased at Low's. It is a KUDS30IXSS1. The serial number is F10101981. They sent me a warranty expiration notice, it expires 2/25/2012. I wouldn't spend one more dime on this.

Dishes have to be prewashed before loading them in KitchenAid dishwasher. Everything comes out filthy after they are washed. Everything has a dingy film over it. I always wonder if we are going to get sick eating off the dishes. The dishwasher takes way too long to run the cycle. If you don't use the heat dry the dishes don't dry at all. All of my black cooking utensils are so discolored. I have been throwing them away and replacing them. My old Whirlpool did a wonderful job on the dishes and it cost about half of what this one did. It was about 5 yrs old and I gave it to my Mother-in-law. The only thing I can say about this Kitchenaid that I like is it is very quiet. I wish I could afford to get rid of this thing. I would sent it to good will and recoup a little of my money at least as a donation.

Palo Alto - I installed a KitchenAid Dishwasher KUD101FL SS3, Type 577-0, during my remodel. I have to wash the dishes before I put them into the dishwasher or they leave dried food on them. The cable pulley broke and came crashing down on my leg. The door is very heavy. I was very fortunate that I was bruised rather than fractured. Also, there was a very loud clashing noise when the blade goes around. Now, I am not using it at all and must call a repair person. Of course, it is no longer under warranty. What a shame that I paid so much for a worthless appliance.

It was terrible. I purchased a KitchenAid dishwasher (model KUDS30CXWH) 10 months ago, and it's been one problem after another. After a few months, the "buttons" stopped working. A few months later, it would rinse, then the rack wheels broke, and now it won't run at all. I replaced the card but I needed a bar. Of course, it takes a week to get the bar. KitchenAid doesn't care.

Palo Alto - KitchenAid dishwasher's control panel will turn on or off at unspecified times. It starts up at the slightest accidental brush of the panel and sometimes turns itself off in the middle of washing/rinsing cycle. My old DW was a KitchenAid and very dependable but has finally deceased. I hate this one and have had it less than three months. It is worthless and a headache to use.

KitchenAid model KUDS01FKSS1 is a **! We have been through 3 door pulleys, a door seal, and motor, all at my expense. Now the door will not remain shut and is essentially useless. For the price we paid for this unit, Kitchen Aid/Whirlpool should be pursued for ripping off their customers. I'm surprised that they can get away with producing such lousy products. All potential buyers should read the reviews on their appliances.

Palo Alto - I purchased a KitchenAid Dishwasher KUDS30CSX in March. This is our 3rd call and 5th visit (including the 2 for replacing the parts once they came in). We have had the whole electrical panel replaced twice now. This time, the upper basket wheels are broken (one on each side). The locks do not hold fast and the rack slides out, falling off its guide. I also requested a silverware basket replacement as the basket came with one hole in the bottom, but now has two adjacent to each other. In all the years we've had dishwashers of varying brands, I have never had a basket come apart. This is by far the most we've spent on a dishwasher and here we are replacing pieces already.

KitchenAid dishwasher KUDS35FXSS that retails for over $1000 was installed. One month later, the vent on the side of the door blew steam on my new Cherry cabinets damaging the finish. Talking to KitchenAid is useless. They made me purchase a $6.00 part (and pay $15 in shipping) to divert the steam from the vent. Don't they have engineers who could have figured out that you should blow hot steam on wood cabinets?

Our Kitchenaid microwave was bought in 2007 and it is terrible. The door is cracked where they put the screw in too tight. The biggest concern is that it turns on by itself. We have already had it repaired once because it would not heat correctly, of course, not under warranty! Now, like many others, we get an F2 locked message and have to unplug it or the microwave runs by itself. What a terrible product. We bought all our KitchenAid Appliances--microwave, oven, range, cooktop, refrigerator and dishwasher--at Lowe's and they have only lasted five years. Even the refrigerator was cheaply made!

Our KitchenAid Microwave #KHMS155LSS-4 (manufactured May 2006) has been beeping randomly and flashing the Lock key or F2. Nothing short of disconnecting will stop the beeping. Even after disconnecting the unit, I will power it back up & the Lock key or F2 will appear again & the microwave will not work at all. The beeping will continue for minutes on end. This product is dangerous and after having read the same complaints on Consumer Affairs website, it's a wonder why it has not been recalled as some consumers have stated that the microwave will suddenly turn on.

Palo Alto - Our KitchenAid Microwave #KHMS155LSS-3 has been beeping randomly and nothing short of disconnecting it works. Then I found it running by itself without anything inside. We are leasing out our home and after looking at all of the reviews I am so worried about the house burning down from a known faulty device. This product is dangerous and should be recalled. Is KitchenAid waiting until someone dies from this dangerous machine?

Palo Alto - We have a KitchenAid microwave model # KHMS155LSS-3 that turns itself on by itself. I cannot tell you how frightening that was to discover it running all night. And then when we turned it off, it came on again. We called KitchenAid customer service. They were aware of the problem and offered to replace the panel. However, they should do a recall on this product. We depend on them to let the consumer know of dangerous faults in their products. My wish is to have this product recalled before someone is injured or lose their home due to fire.

The Glass Plate mysteriously melted after the sensor pad had started fading. Has anyone had this happen to them? KitchenAid would not offer any help even though the microwave is only a year old.

Palo Alto - We have a KitchenAid Range Hood Microwave model KHMS155LSS-2. It starts and stops on its own. Now, an F2 code is popping up and then PAN. I called KitchenAid safety at 800-331-7456. It is a known issue and they are sending the part and someone to fix it free of charge even though I bought the microwave in September 2009. Way to go KitchenAid.!!

I just came back from a week's vacation to find my KitchenAid microwave had been on fire. It turned itself on while I was away and caught on fire! The entire thing is melted inside. The silver circular thing on top is hanging down and the door even melted. My kitchen cabinets have been damaged. Thank God my house did not burn down!

Same issue as many others have reported. Our Kitchen Aid Model KHMS155LSS-4 Microwave starts on its own. In our case, the microwave started up in the middle of the night. Fortunately, we heard it and investigated before experiencing a complete meltdown. We now keep the unit unplugged and are looking to replace it. Kitchen Aid should own up to this problem that so many have reported.

This is the 2nd Kitchenaid appliance that I have had malfunction by turning itself on. The first was the Kitchenaid gas range, which caused an electrical fire. Thank God we were home and I was able to call 911 before too much damage was done. After much fighting back and forth Kitchenaid replace the stove through the store we bought it at. The 2nd happened last night (6/2/11). The microwave came on by itself and kept coming on, even if I turned it off. I had to turn it off at the breaker in order to stop it. If we had not been home, this could have resulted in another electrical fire. WHY aren't these appliances being recalled from the manufacturer? They are clearly very dangerous if they can come on by themselves, short out and result in an electrical fire!!!

I am looking to start a class action lawsuit against KitchenAid, for the constant F-2 problems that myself and many other people are having with KitchenAid Microwave model # KHMS155LSS-3. It's time they become accountable for such a dangerous malfunction. I just hung up with a Whirlpool Tech, and they had the audacity to tell me that I am the first person that has called and complained about this issue. Maybe they should listen to consumers and buyers on their product. Anyone interested in getting some justice can email me at *********

Last night we were awakened by our microwave. It had turned on by itself. There was no way to stop it other than disconnecting the power. We fear an electrical fire may occur in our KitchenAid Microwave model KHMS155L SS-3. We're concerned that this could have escalated and resulted in a house fire had we not been home. We are afraid to use it! These units should be recalled!

We purchased all KitchenAid appliances through the builder of our condominium. These appliances were considered "upgrades". What a joke! The first appliance we replaced was the dishwasher. It was so loud you could not carry on a conversation while it was running. The second appliance we replaced was the stove. It, too, was extremely loud when there was something baking. It was a combination convection oven/regular oven. I never used the convection part, but you always heard the noise as if we were using the Kitchenaid convection oven. Now the microwave is acting up. It seems this particular model is prone to starting up all by itself. The model number is Kitchenaid KHMS155L. I believe there should be a recall based on all the complaints for the same issue with the same model. After forking over some serious dough for these alleged "upgrade" appliances, we have been forced to go out and buy all new appliances all over again.

I put a medium-sized potato into the oven for 8 minutes. A few minutes later, I saw a flash of fire and the flames lasted a good few minutes. It really was a frightening experience. I had no idea what to do, except I was pretty sure that I shouldn't open the oven door. It did burn itself out and is totally ruined. The oven is a KitchenAid microwave hood combination (model KHMS105E WH-0; manufactured, January 2000).

Palo Alto - My brand new Kitchen Aid Refrigerator Model KBLS22KWMS arrived yesterday. It's a bottom freezer, single top door model. The bottom deli drawer kept sticking every time I opened it, so I took the drawers out, to try to find the problem. That's when I saw that the molded plastic, on which rests the shelf supports on the deli and crisper doors, was very thin, and could be pushed in with just normal pressure from my finger. One of the supports was dented in already. Crisper drawers and the deli drawer are held by plastic frames, with no metal at all. Only the top shelves have full metal support. All the plastic is really shoddy workmanship. I have no faith that this fridge will last even a year, much less 5. It's going back to Lowe's tomorrow. I had thought that Kitchen Aid was supposed to be a higher end appliance from Whirlpool. Now I will not buy another Kitchen Aid product.

Portola Valley - I bought a KitchenAid fridge side by side with freezer on the bottom. It leaks water all over the floor. Forms a sheet of ice under the freezer door then the water overflows. I called Lowes. They sent a repairman that stated it was our fault for not having air conditioning in our house. Nothing he can do. I called Lowes again and a new repairman said he replaced a faulty hose. Now it still leaks and the warranty is expired. I hate this, our old fridge worked better. Wish I had it back. The interior shell has numerous cracks. The repair technician said it is common with KitchenAid refrigerators. The refrigerator is only five years old. It has Superba stainless steel side by side for over $2,500.00, and it was paid for new. I never had any refrigerator or have ever heard of this happening before. The manufacturing defect is the only reason this is happening to these units. Has the government done anything yet to protect consumers against this type of inaction by the company?

Palo Alto - We purchased a KitchenAid Refrigerator side by side from Sears ten months ago. I have since had it serviced for four times and I'm now going on my fifth. This time around, I will have replaced nearly every part in the fridge. My complaint is not only with regards to the condition of the product and Sears' failure to take responsibility for it (not to mention all the food I've had to throw out), but the fact the Sears service department makes it extremely difficult to get them to come out in a timely matter.

Last time we checked our Kitchenaid fridge it was 60 degrees. According to Sears, it would be a minimum of one week before they could come out and repair the fridge, even though our last repair guy had the part needed to fix the fridge shipped directly to our home. The part is currently sitting on our kitchen counter. I guess my question is, is there a lemon law that protects my family from Sears and the obviously faulty item that they sold us? If so, I would like this fridge replaced. I'm very much considering contacting an attorney. What are your thoughts?

Portola Valley - We have the Kitchenaid double-drawer refrigerator with custom panels (KDDO27TTX). The wire harness that connects to the control panel breaks every two years. KitchenAid replaced it under warranty two times. It broke again and is no longer under warranty. Attempts to get them to just send a replacement part were met with "sorry, out of warranty".
Even a supervisor failed to consider backing up their product from what is obviously an engineering design flaw. I can't believe they think it is good business to lose a customer who spent close to $9,000 on KitchenAid appliances over a part that can't possible cost them more than $5 to make. But that is just what they have done. No more KitchenAid for us, ever.

Portola Valley - I purchased a side by side refrigerator on 2003. The ice maker never worked properly. After 8 years, it suddenly stopped working. It was always noisy and the filters had to be bought only through the company. It ruined everything in it (over $200 of food I had just went shopping) and pooled water on our hard wood floors. Relays burned out causing the compressor to burn. Parts only covered but not labor. We refused to invest more money in this horrible product. We will never buy KitchenAid again.

Portola Valley - I bought a Kitchenaid refrigerator from Lowes. The ice maker breaks constantly. I have called Kitchenaid and they have sent repair people here but the repairmen tell me each time that they will fix it but that Kitchenaid knows there is a design flaw and will do nothing to correct it.

I bought a KitchenAid refrigerator (Model KBRS19KTSS01) at Sears in November 2008. In November 2010, the fridge began to warm, and eventually, it wasn't cold anymore, while the freezer at the bottom was okay. I called service from Sears and they came the day after. They told me the control panel was broken so the defrost device wasn't starting anymore. The man put a new control panel. He also had to remove a part and used a blower to melt the ice pack. Everything worked well after. I had to pay $140 for the panel, $100 for the call, and $61 for one hour of work, total of $301 plus tax. The man from Sears told me that this problem is usual, that I should have paid for the extended protection plan, and that he will have to come back in two years or more if I am lucky.

We purchased a built in KitchenAid refrigerator / freezer in '06 and have had it serviced three times. Most recently, the refrigerator stopped working completely. We have model KSSS42QKX00. We were told (by the service people recommended by KitchenAid) a main board needed to be replaced but unfortunately KitchenAid no longer manufactures that part. Obtaining this information took 2 weeks and 3 service calls. The 3rd service call was to have the serviceman come to remove the part so we could mail it to be "rebuilt". When we attempted to mail it to McGregor, the repair place recommended by KitchenAid, we learned that the service people removed the wrong part. We are back to square one. Kitchenaid recommended another repair company. However, a second repair place will not get involved because we started with someone else. KitchenAid offers no solution. We are a family of 8. We have been without a refrigerator for 4 weeks.

We always had trouble with the water / ice dispenser on the door. Now the repairman told us the dispenser cannot be fixed! Now we have a refrigerator which does not function for our needs.

We bought all new KitchenAid appliances when we remodeled our kitchen 6 years ago, bought all new stainless steel: Refrigerator, Combination Microwave-convection Kitchenaid oven, Lower large oven, cooktop, and dishwasher. We had a problem with everything! The refrigerator was the worst. The ice machine kept failing. The appliance center has had to come out for the same problem 4 times over the past 6 years at $140.00 a pop. It has failed again and the only solution is to buy a new $1200.00 door!

I bought a French door style refrigerator along with other small and large appliances from the KitchenAid factory through Direct Buy in 2006. I have had numerous repairs on my fridge and my gas range in the past. Two Saturdays ago, the temperature in my fridge kept going up. I called the Kitchenaid company and told them my problem. This was Monday because I could not get them on weekend. The person I spoke to said that it could be a factory problem. And since my refrigerator was only 4 years old, she would set up an appointment with a repair company to come out.

I have side by side refrigerator that was purchased in August of 2006. It was not a cheap fridge. The ice maker burnt out and I called and they told me it was still under warranty. The repairman showed up and said, "No way, it will cost $400.00 to repair." I called back and was told it's not under warranty, but I saw where it was ordered, fixed and under repair. But I was then told, "So sad, we can't help."I will never buy KitchenAid product again. If they had told me it wasn't under warranty, I would have called my local repairman for a lot less.

We purchased a Kitchen Aid refrigerator from Sears in August 2001 with a top freezer and I had nothing but trouble. The freezer defrosts inside the refrigerator and there is water all over unless you have a dish to collect it. The ice backs up and the freezer is full of lumps where the ice backs up. Everyone tells us to defrost it. But it is self defrosting and even if we do this, it returns in 2-3 days. The damage it has caused is permanent. I will never buy Kitchen Aid again and I am fearful of what kind of refrigerator to buy now.

'There is nothing Superba about this Kitchenaid refrigerator. Three costly repairs to the ice maker, finally gave up and buy ice at the store, and now I have to replace the compressor a second time, NOT. This piece of junk is going to the dump where it belonged with it was brand new. See you later KitchenAid. You and Toyota should partner together. About 800 dollars in addition to the purchase price of the fridge/freezer

We bought our Kitchen Aid refrigerator in 2007. This last Saturday the 17th of April the "Start Relay" caught fire. It was replaced but may have caused damage to the compressor. Only time will tell. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Could it be related to a power spike or surge? Smoked up our entire house with rancid smelling smoke. Cost $180 to fix.

We bought a KitchenAid Black refrigerator, top freezer style 5 years ago because like everyone else we thought it was the best. The fridge started making a pinging/banging noise from the back/bottom and the service guy now told us that the compressor is going. He said these are not good compressors. To replace it would cost $500+ and he said he can't tell us if that will even fix it completely. He also said it can go at any time, tomorrow or a year from now.
I will never buy another KitchenAid product. I know people that have had their refrigerators for 20 years. The thing is in excellent condition except when the compressor finally goes I will look forward to kicking it to the curb to get a different more reliable one.

Our 3 year old kitchenaid sepurba Refrigerator is heating up to the point of burning our arms. Tech says its the fan motor. Food in fridge is freezing, food in freezer melting...after buying what we thought was a reputable Kitchenaid refrigerator, we're paying... do the repairs cost the same as a new fridge?

This $3,000 KitchenAid refrigerator KFIS20XVMS00 was purchased on 9/17/08. Within 13 to 14 months it was freezing food in the refrigerator section. Perfect timing, just out of warranty. This refrigerator was bought in hopes of buying a headache free refrigerator for a few years not months. The appliance repairman given by the KitchenAid has replaced the damper for the refrigerator section. After this repair, food is still freezing in the refrigerator section. I have contacted KitchenAid and they suggested adjusting the freezer temperature up. This has been tried. Currently both temperature controls are set at the maximum temperature allowed. Food is still freezing in the refrigerator section. KitchenAid is not the name it used to be.

Kitchenaid refrigerator compressor relay burnt up and also burnt up the compressor. The unit is only six years old. There is a recall on these relays for Whirlpool, Magic chief and Jenn Air yet KitchenAid is not covered. The company will cover the cost of parts but not labor that is $622.00. Seems like they need to expand their recall further.

I bought a side by side fridge new four years ago. I bought stainless steel. now all the stainless is rusting only four years old. I only use a stainless steel cleaner on this product which was recommended by the dealer I purchased it from. What is my recourse from KitchenAid.

We bought our house 3 years ago and a Kitchen Aid side-by-side came with it, apparently purchased in 2005. The ice / water dispenser never worked, but we "lived" with it. Then one of the shelves broke, and we were unable to get it replaced. Then yesterday, on Thanksgiving Day, no less, the damn thing stops working all together.

We lost all of our food in both the refrigerator and freezer and the huge puddle of water underneath caused by the melted ice container ruined our hardwood floors. So the grand total of damage, including cost of food, new refrigerator, and repairing our floors? $14,000! Sorry kids, no Christmas this year! Needless to say, we will be buying a different brand of refrigerator.

Palo Alto - I purchased a kitchenaid French door w/ bottom freezer, three years ago. I just received the estimate to repair the common problem of the fan not working. The repair man said I should replace the control panel or this will happen again. I said I'd dump the fridge before putting $450 dollars into a non-guaranteed piece of [product].
Every repairman I spoke with said the repair will only last 2- 5 years and you will be at it again. This is the last time I will purchase this brand. Lowes, Sears, and the rest should drop the brand until Kitchen aid honors its commitment to its customers.

Palo Alto - I have a KitchenAid Touch-Activated Induction Cooktop that has been turning itself off while showing error codes since I bought this unit. It also shuts down if water boils over and touches another pot surface. KitchenAid's fix was to turn off power to the unit and wait a bit. Now, it is showing another error code and nothing can correct it. KitchenAid says to get a repairman to fix it, but I have had this ongoing problem since it was new and I have been to the power box at least 20 times since I bought this. My 20 year old electric coil cooktop never shut down during use. This unit is a piece of **.

We have a KitchenAid Electric Range model # KESC307HBS8, serial #**. According to KitchenAid, this oven was made in June of 2003. The previous owners of our home informed us that it was installed in 2005 brand new. This past fall, the digital part of the oven that tells the time and gives a temperature reading stopped working. The oven, however, still operated and came up to its necessary temperature. Last week, on Jan 1/5/11, I turned the oven on to 500 degrees and heard two pops. The glass inside the oven popped in two places and caused the glass inside to crack all over. I am not an oven expert but I am pretty sure that no matter what temperature it reaches, the glass should remain intact. Seeing as the oven is still very new, I am completely dissatisfied with its performance. An oven should not be made to last only a few years. I have contacted KitchenAid a few times about my issues with their product and was told I would receive a call back about my problems but am still awaiting that call.

When I turned on the Kitchenaid cooktop burner of my gas stove top, flames shot out the back of the burner. Fortunately, my son noticed the flames immediately and I was able to contain the fire. It burned my countertop and melted the backsplash. Apparently, the center cover on the center of the burner was not perfectly in place and therefore caused the fire.

Portola Valley - I bought this stainless steel kitchenaid range about 3 years ago. It was "refurbished" when I bought it at Lowe's and only $100 cheaper than new. Some months ago The "off" button for the stove quit working---dangerous! I figured out how to turn it off by going to the "stop time" button, otherwise it won't turn off. The oven does not maintain heat. I have to push oven temperature button every 15 minutes to get the temperature back to the set amount. This is the worse stove I have ever bought. Usually a stove will last for at least 10 yrs if not 20 or 30. This is dangerous and not acceptable.

Palo Alto - We have a KitchenAid gas range KGRT607H. It is ten years old. We now find out that parts for this stove are no longer manufactured. That's after spending over $700.00. We talked with the manufacturer and they told us "tough". I will never purchase a KitchenAid product again. They have horrible customer service. Please don't buy their product.

Portola Valley - Kitchenaid Gas Range Model KGSA906 panels froze and won't turn off oven. Needed to stop oven by setting a timed bake. Replaced panel 3 times. First time I paid about a month out of warranty. Second and Third time they replaced. Each replacement was by a technician that bent the sides of the Stainless to get it to fit back together. Today Self-Clean cycle panel went blank after 2 hours.

Palo Alto - We bought a KitchenAid stove less than 2 years ago and this was the second time we did a self-clean. After about 1 hour into self-clean, the panel in the front went completely blank, the clock was blank and the stovetop cracked. We paid this stove $2500.00 and it worked good for 2 years and we are asking is this normal? The model number is ****. The technician is coming on November 29, 2010 so we still don't know if we have warranty.

I used the self-cleaning feature on my KitchenAid stove for the first time. The oven door is locked and the electrical panel is out. I am reading hundreds of reviews from customers having the same problem yet KitchenAid will not do anything about it. They have terrible products and even more terrible customer service.

Palo Alto - Kitchen Aid Duel Fuel Range. We ran the self-clean function on the stove and the computer module quit working. The gas burners still work, but the oven door is locked and the oven controls are completely dead. This is the second time this has happened. The first time the oven died was on Thanksgiving when we were cooking the Turkey. It is less than 2 years old. The first time it took them over a month to fix the problem. I guess they will be quicker this time as they now know exactly what to do.

Portola Valley - We bought a new KitchenAid oven in 2009: The Architect Series II, Electric Range. Today, October 10, 2010, it stopped working after we turned on its self-cleaning feature and off it went. Both the oven and electronic display stopped working. We have since learned that this is a common defect on this expensive oven. We called KA, but being Thanksgiving Monday, there was no one there and we were not offered to leave a message with them.

When we used the self cleaning function, the display showed that a fuse had been blown. The repair person said that the venting was inadequate causing too much heat and that was why the fuse blew. We have drilled some holes in the cabinet to allow for venting but after reading comments by others, I am concerned that using the self cleaning function will just mean another repair bill. I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has tried to improve the venting.

I purchased a KitchenAid gas range in September 2008 and in less than two years, both oven igniters (they allow for gas flow) have 'burned out'. In researching for answers, I've learned this is a circuit board problem with this brand and costs almost as much as the stove to repair. It's sad because in the time I've had the product, I've used less than 20 pounds of propane in two years which is indicative of very little use and certainly nowhere near enough to justify complete burn out of the main circuit board. It's an inferior product that KitchenAid will not stand behind.

I bought model KHMS155LSS-3 Over-the-Range Microwave and the architect stove. I have been extremely disappointed in them. I remodeled my kitchen about 4 years ago and replaced all the appliances with KitchenAid. I have had service come out twice to fix the stove (self-clean blows the thermometer) and now the microwave comes on by itself and has an F-2 error.

In 2008, I bought a KitchenAid electric range. I used the self-cleaning option for the 2nd time a few weeks ago and it completely shut down, the computer panel is not working and the oven door locked. After reading many online complaints, I figured out it was the thermostat fix blowing up. KitchenAid would not replace my the part and wanted to charge me for a service call. Sounds like this part should be recalled and should be replaced at KitchenAid's expense. I paid out of pocket to replace the thermostat fix.

I have a KitchenAid Superba double wall oven that was purchased in March 1998. The oven works great, but I can't use the self clean feature. The two times I did use it caused the oven to completely fail the first time & the convection part of the top oven failed the second time. I am beginning to be concerned about a possible fire hazard and am wondering if I should get rid of the oven completely. I see from several posts that the same problem exists on the newer models as well. You would think that KitchenAid would have acknowledged the problem by now and come up with a fix. It is really annoying to pay money for an extra feature that you cannot use, and even more annoying to know that they are aware of the problem and still charge for a feature that they know is not useable.

We bought a new KitchenAid Gas Range in 2005 for a new home. It has failed three times in five years and is no longer usable for self cleaning as it fails after only 2 or 3 cycles. We have had to pay each time for a new panel and the installation cost. The oven is unusable for a week at a time when it fails. Caused embarrassment and inconvenience because of entertainment arrangements being canceled and a reluctance to rely on the oven for entertaining purposes. It is a totally unacceptable product.

I ordered two parts to repair a KitchenAid glass top cooktop #kgct305a which needed a gas valve and switch. The correct part numbers were sent. The service tech's came and took the cooktop apart. Upon opening the packages, we found out that the parts in the packages were the wrong parts and was wrongly labeled in their packages. I was charged $192.55 for service call due to your error. I should be reimbursed for that.

We bought a KitchenAid electric range 4 years ago. Apparently, KitchenAid ovens and stoves are adverse to getting hot. The self-cleaning feature didn't work the first time I tried and hasn't worked since. Now, the black trim around the edge of the stove top is peeling and getting rusty underneath. I thought KithcnAiod was a brand name I could trust, but clearly it is not. I will never buy another KitchenAid again.

In reading other complaints, I guess I should consider myself lucky! I have had my range for a little over five years and have cleaned it several (maybe 20 times) in the five years. This morning I tried to use the cooktop while I was cleaning and I couldn't get any burner to turn on. I tried the number and got an automated system. I could find nothing in the manual about the cooktop not working while the oven was cleaning.

I have a high end KitchenAid stove that is only a few years old. This is the second thermostat I've had to replace in two years -- apparently I cannot use the "self clean" mode, even at its lowest setting, without burning out the thermostat!) This time my warranty has expired, so I will be paying a couple hundred dollars to get it replaced. After looking at this web site, it's also apparent that this is a common flaw with their stoves. I wish I had known before I dished out $2k!

I purchased KitchenAid stove model number KGSK901SSS01 back in January of 2009. On March 1, 2010 I used the self cleaning cycle of the oven . Even after the oven cooled, it remains locked and the display panel is blank. The appliance service repair man immediately knew what the problem was since this seems to be common and told me that he need to order a hi-limit vent kit. This visit cost me $111.30. The part will take a week and then there will be another fee of approximately $90.00.

My husband was cooking on the back burner and the pan touched the glass on the backsplash and it shattered everywhere. Is there a recall on this model? Clearly by the complaints filed the glass they are using is not made for heat as the oven has issues also.

Bought this KitchenAid stove model in late 2009. It was the only one on the market that would fit into the space I have between cabinets. First, the seller sent me a damaged product. Second, I was compelled to pay for insurance through KitchenAid to replace the damaged stove. A few months later the unit that controls the self-cleaning feature blew out the first time I used it. Another expense.

The self-cleaning feature does not clean efficiently. Four years later I just set the oven at 450 degrees per a recipe only to have the oven and the kitchen fill up with smoke. I am on this website to find out how I can get involved in a class action suit against KitchenAid for this defective stove. Suggestions? $500

We purchased four high-end KitchenAid appliances four years ago, a dishwasher, stove, Kitchenaid refrigerator and microwave. All of them have required expensive service calls, the stove on multiple occasions. It has been impossible to contact anyone at the Kitchenaid company above the (allegedly) supervisor level at customer service. Although some of the parts were covered under warranty -- all of the electronic boards in the stove were replaced -- others were not (dishwasher) nor was any of the labor except for the microwave, which caught fire and the repair was considered a safety issue. These appliances are lightly used -- it's just myself and my wife -- but it is obvious they are of poor quality. The service people who have made the repairs have told us they models we have been discontinued or re-designed.

Purchased a kitchenaid stainless steel gas and convection range model KGRA806PSSS00 in Jan 2005. I have never been able to self clean the oven, because everytime I have it shuts down and the door remains locked. The first time was within a few months of purchase,it took seven weeks for the oven to be repaired. The company would not buy back the range.

I have had to repair the same problem numerous times, to the point where the technician recommended that I use a spray to clean it. Just today I had to replace the electronic board due to the off button not working. I have seen the same issues being complained about since 2004.

We bought top of the line Kitchenaid Gas Range only to have the stove fail upon first using the self clean feature - it was covered under warranty. The second time we used the self clean oven - same thing happened - this time not covered under warranty and, even thought there were numerous posts of their customer site with the same issue - they refused to compensate us.

I bought a new KitchenAid stove, dishwasher, microwave, DVD combo, TV, refrigerator, Kitchenaid washer and dryer all at the same time in 2005, ALL, ALL KITCHENAID. I have replaced the stove, microwave, DVD combo, wash machine, and now the dryer is failing. Kitchenaid sells crap. What ever happened to the days when appliances were made in America and lasted 30 years??? And why do they keep you on the phone for 45 minutes and then tell you they can'nt do anything. We should get a class action lawsuit together and start our own plant.

Kitchenaid Oven Self Cleaning shut down and is unable to use. I bought the Kitchenaid cook and range on March. I used the self cleaning function first time yesterday. The front panel shut off after about 2 and half hours, the door locked and I am unable to use it. I see a lot of people complained about this function. I wonder why Kitchen Aid not recall this product. This is very dangerous! I called and requested for service man since my oven is still under warranty! Hope it works. I'm very frustrated after reading all the complaints from the consumers.

we purchased a Kitchenaid Supeba gas stove / oven with Cooktop in 2010. had problems from the start. store ignitor had to be replaced twice, electronic control panel on front replaced, and various other repairs (also had to have repairs on Kitchenaid microwave and dishwasher. Now oven won't heat up and house smells like gas. lucky if we don't blow up the house. will never but kitchenaid again and will tell everyone same

Had 4 thermostats replaced, after using the self-clean in my Kitchen Aid wall oven. I called Kitchen Aid several times, and they said they didn't know of any reasons as to why this was happening, nor did they give me a solution. The last service person said this was a common problem, and that the fan had to be replaced with a larger one. This solution came from a "service pointer" from Kitchen Aid (December 2008). The original fan was too small, and had to replaced with W10176670.

Our Kitchen Aid Wall oven was installed in 2008. In October 2011, we had a power outage that lasted a few days. The 3 year old wall oven did not come back when power resumed. The display panel is gone, and a replacement plus labor will cost $300. We have experienced additional problems with 3 other Kitchen Aid appliances (lights not working, faulty parts). Customer service was unresponsive and tries to sell warranties.

Like what happened to thousands other people, my KitchenAid Superba oven (Model No.: KEBS177DBL7 / Serial No.: XJ3102005) refused to heat up after I used the self cleaning feature for the first time. Of course, it was the infamous blown thermostat. I contacted the KitchenAid customer service, providing links to other complaints about the same issue and asking just for a new part. They said that even though I am a valuable customer, they can't help me since the oven is out of warranty. Fine.

We bought a KitchenAid Washer and Dryer approximately four years ago. Both units have broken down. The dryer had bad solenoids for the gas valve and with the Kitchenaid washer, it was a coupler that was made of plastic. This is what pulls the drum and it was made of plastic. I will never buy another KitchenAid appliance again.

My first washer / dryer lasted over 17 years. I only bought new as I was moving. And it was easier to just purchase a new one instead of moving the old, so I left it with the house that I sold. I purchased a KitchenAid washer / dryer. Just ten days past the warranty, the heating element went out of the dryer. John's Appliance (who I purchased it from) said that they couldn't honor the warranty and they were going to charge me $80 for just the service call. Since they were already out there, what could I do? The total cost was about $220. Last week, the shut off button on the dryer quit, so when you open the door, it is still tumbling. It will shut off by using the dial on the top--well, for now, anyway. This morning, the light inside the dryer quit. What's next?

I purchased My Kitchenaid Washer and Dryer from Lowes on 9/21/2010. I already have had my Kitchenaid Washer repaired. Then today, I had to have the Kitchenaid Dryer repaired when a belt, which is not even a year old, broke at a cost of $116.53. I always thought Kitchenaid was the top of the line in appliances. I guess I was wrong.


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