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  Monogram is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

 GE Authorized repair center came out 5 times to try and fix my Monogram refrigerator, even admitting that they tried using defective parts for the evaporator. They continuously lied, and I have been without a refrigerator since mid September. They are incompetent. Their case managers are rude, and at times unprofessional. I paid $4800 for the Monogram Fridge but never will I buy a GE product again! I have written three letters to CEO Jeffrey Immelt but as yet to get an answer.

Palo Alto - I purchased multiple GE Monogram appliances in April 2008. This included two fridges, two dishwashers and three ranges / ovens. All of the purchases were GE Monogram, which is supposed to be GE's best product line. We have had major issues with our main GE refrigerator. The fridge makes a very strange and annoying noise. We called in a specialist to repair the fridge and they did for approximately $300. They used GE replacement parts. After less than a year, the same issue has reappeared and it will cost another $300 for repair. This is unacceptable.

I bought a new GE French door GE Profile in 2006. While I was out of town in 2009, the main electronic part failed. I lost all the contents of the refrigerator. The cost to repair was well over $300. Once again in 10-2011, the freezer was filled with frost. The GE repair person came out and heated the seal and said that it was now repaired. I am to empty the contents and clean out all frost and to call again if it reappears. One of the main top doors never closed properly. GE said that a part was missing. The cost to heat freezer seal plus service call is $140. The estimated cost to repair the door that has never closed properly is $436.91. The GE repairman advised the use of 'Vaseline' on that door seal.

My 2 -year-old stainless steel side-by-side Monogram refrigerator (model GSH25JSXJ SS) broke down this weekend. A very nice repairman came out quickly. After trying a few things, he broke the bad news that the compressor was bad. How is it possible that a compressor on a two-year-old refrigerator would be defective? I now understand why GE only offers a 1-year warranty on their products (Maytag model we're looking at offers a 10-year compressor warranty). It's disappointing GE, disappointing.

Palo Alto - I have a GE Monogram refrigerator only, and have had problems from the start. It continually grows mold, and they have been here numerous times fixing anything they could think of, and I still am cleaning the entire refrigerator for mold. I am throwing away spoiled food that have not yet reached the expiration date every day! It is costing a fortune, along with the electricity being used to keep it going because the fan never stops (yes, they did replace the fan). Please help. I want a new refrigerator or a refund.

Palo Alto - GE Profile PSB42YGXASV purchased 5/2011. Sept.2011 - Not cooling / freezing. GE repairman installed new control board and fan. Worked for 10 days. Freezer now 48 degrees. Again I wait for GE repairman. This GE Profile replaced the GE profile I purchased in 1993 that worked 14 years before a need for repair.

GE appliances are certainly not what they used to be back when that's all my grandmother would buy. My stainless steel GE profile over-the-range microwave was not even a year old when it first broke down. Now, it's less than five years since having the appliances and the refrigerator (a stainless steel GE profile) is on the blink as well. It seems that the quality is not as good, so that GE can sell you these outrageous extended service warranties in order to continue making a profit.

I have had this GE Profile model no. PSS26MSTE-SS Side-by-Side Refrigerator for the last 5 years. It did fine until about 8 months ago. It started with the water dispenser freezing up and going into a defrost cycle. This continued at least once every two weeks and became more frequent as time went on. Now, it will not cool at all in either compartment. I have a technician coming tomorrow and I suspect it will be at least $250. This is the second out of the three GE appliances I bought together that has had major problems. I am tired of throwing away food. I will never buy a GE product again.

Palo Alto - GE side-by-side Refrigerator Model No. GSH25JFTA CC Serial No. AM206682. The freezer continues to get too cold no matter what setting I use. Water pools at the bottom and then at times, will melt onto the floor beneath the refrigerator. The ice maker now doesn't stop making ice.

Our Side-By-Side GE Arctica Refrigerator is seven years old and has been growing black mold, along the sides of the appliance and the rubber gasket lining the doors. A repair person I called about a year ago told us we needed a new door at a cost of about $1000. Ridiculous! We keep cleaning the gaskets and the outside of the door, but the mold keeps growing back. The freezer seems to stay in defrost, causing water to drip from the ice bin and products to get soft.

We purchased a kitchen full of GE Monogram appliances 5 years ago (Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Ice Machine, Microwave, Cooktop, Downdraft Vent, and Double Oven). Every appliance has been serviced at least twice. The downdraft vent still doesn't retract properly. The dishwasher was recalled as well. The ovens still do not heat consistently. I just replaced the dishwasher because I gave up in just having the one I have repaired. I also replaced the ice machine one month ago. It just stopped making ice. I already eliminated the drain pump after 2 replacements and still it didn't work. I even discovered that the GE Monogram Ice Maker is the same as the Kenmore model, only with a different handle and nameplate. The stainless refrigerator door got a small dent. Neither the door skin, nor the door itself can be replaced. I need an entire new refrigerator if I want to get rid of a small dent. The 2 knobs on cooktop do not work, as well. I gave up. They wore me down. I'm replacing all GE Monogram appliances one by one. Never again will I purchase GE products. You do not get what you pay for!

I purchased a 36" stand alone GE Monogram refrigerator and a 36" stand alone freezer when we remodeled our house about eight years ago. There has not been a year that gone by without GE coming to the house because of issues with either the fridge, freezer or both. Now, the back of the freezer is turning to a block of ice and the dripping water lays on the bottom of the freezer. It then freezes up so I cannot open the two bottom drawers. The freezer is no longer under warranty so if I want it fixed, I have to pay, which I wouldn't mind if they can actually fix it. Believe me, this is not the first time that this has happened. The only thing GE would offer me is a 20% discount on a new one. No, thank you. I spent almost $10,000 on these two units combined and if I haven't spent the money, these things would be in the garbage. I would never, ever buy a GE appliance again.

Belmont - GE Repair Service - Take it or Leave It - Monogram Range Hood Repair
Well, if you want to keep taking days off waiting for a GE repair person who never shows, without even a courtesy call, then choose GE for your appliances. GE appliance was sending an in-warranty Authorized Repair person to my home. First time, no show - no call, second time, called and said GE technician was called away and would not come. I insisted on a Saturday appointment so I would not have to take off additional work, and was told no problem, but the service call would be on a volunteer basis!!!! Picture that. When you call the supervisor you are basically told take it or leave it, the next appointment is scheduled and there are no other options. Needless to say I have a few choice words for GE and they are not Merry Christmas.

Belmont - GE Gas Range - Self-cleaning Gas Range - Complaint
My brand new GE Monogram Gas Range gets so HOT on the range surface when the oven is on that I was certain it was malfunctioning. Service came and they said it was working properly but that this model has had many complaints about the excess heat. I've been cooking for 45 years, had many different ranges and have never had this problem.
It's so hot you can't even stand there to use the burners. I cannot believe something could even pass inspection!!!!

Redwood City - Worst ever refrigerator - g e monogram refrigerator
Palo Alto -This fridge is by far the worst appliance I have ever purchased!!!!! It has destroyed numerous food items and has cost me untold funds to attempt repairs which have never worked. How about a class action suit.

Belmont - I hate my GE Monogram Convection Oven & Refrigerator
We have had nothing but trouble with the GE Monogram range - now the self cleaning part does not work and all the shelves fall off the framing when I am cooking. The refrigerator drawers and shelves are cracking and breaking and the freezer has been nothing but trouble - freezer is on bottom and continual problems with the upper tray sliding off racks and getting stuck. I will never buy this brand again! And service calls are highway robbery!

Palo Alto - My Monogram refrigerator is less than 3 years old and I've now had 13 service calls. Yes, it's still broken and GE will not even come out any longer. The side of the refrigerator is like Niagra Falls. Condensation accumulates so much that I need to place paper towels on the bottom of the unit to absorb the water. Additionally, the temperature will not stabilize and the freezer goes as high as 15 degrees. The refrigerator as high as 44. I also now have black mold growing inside the various compartments. This must be my imagination, but GE says the unit is operating within normal range.
Ge stinks, they do not stand behind their products even if you happen to have an extended warranty as I do. You would think that after 13 attempts to repair the unit, they would replace it. No way! Do not even

Belmont - look at GE Monogram!
Monogram = Junk - Ge Monogram Appliances. Wow not only did I overpay for the appliances when I purchased them now I get to overpay for service calls! The GE monogram ice machine which cost $1500 has required 3 water pumps in just under two years. I replaced them myself because the technician wanted about $400 to do a 45 minute task and overcharge me for the part. I also have a gas stove that is 5 years old that required a new ignitor board -part was $140.

Don't Buy GE Cafe Products - Cafe Dishwasher, Vent Microwave, Dual Fuel Range, Dishwasher:
Control panel and smart dispense pump replaced 3 times to stop detergent from oozing out continuously. Now say it is suppose to work that way and it is a minimal amount and that there is no way for the detergent to come in contact with the dishes! Isn't it designed to dispense the soap out the end to come in contact with the dishes?

Cafe Vent / Microwave Door dented replaced twice.
If GE Monogram put more effort in designing a quality product than marketing it as a quality product perhaps it would work correctly. I have had my GE Monogram Trivection Oven for 2 months and have used it all of twelve times before it failed completely. I am now on my third service call and the oven still does not work. The repairman cannot even access the service menu. I have also been treated rudely by GE customer service agents. I am at 48 days and counting without an oven and hours of calls to customer service.

Purchased a Monogram gas cooktop. A hum sound comes from the transformer. The GE technician replace the transformer, the hum became worse. GE then replaced the cooktop with a new cooktop. The new cooktop also hums. A new GE technician came out and said that replacing the transformer is all he can do, and if it did not work last time it probably will not solve the problem. I am now trying to resolve with GE, but have no resolution yet.

Belmont - Broken Glass In Oven Door - GE Profile Range / Oven
Glass broke while baking a pie. $400.00 to replace glass and only 13 month old. Last GE product I will ever buy. Customer service RUDE.


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