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  Samsung is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

Palo Alto -  Samsung Refrigerator Sensor bad
I purchased a Samsung French door refrigerator in 2010. Within six months, the freezer sensor had to be replaced. If you would like to spend $2,800 on a refrigerator and six months later, spend an additional $500 for a sensor, then purchase a Samsung refrigerator.

Palo Alto - Samsung Ice Maker defective design
I bought my refrigerator about three years ago from Lowe's and they installed it. The next day, the ice maker quit working. They came back out and two days later, they replaced the ice maker. Two months later, the ice maker quit working again and they came back out and replaced that one. Ten months later, they had to replace it again and now it's not working again.

I'd love to see a class action on this Samsung Refrigerator issue
Holy **! I spent nearly $3,000 on a refrigerator, and 2 months outside of the standard 12-month warranty, the display goes out. 2 months? Really. The fact that they don't have enough faith in their own products to warranty a $2,800 unit for 24 months is ludicrous. I wish I would have read these comments beforehand. For those of you looking at the stainless steel 4 door Samsung fridge, model RF4287HARS, don't waste the money.

Redwood City - Samsung French door refrigerator Rf267AERS
It started making fan noise and frost build up exactly one year after I purchased. So, it won't be covered under warranty. I called the customer service, who were glad to forward me the service company phone number and made sure I realized I will have to pay the bills. I wish I have read these complaints before spending over $3,500 for a high end refrigerator that will need services right after the one year warranty period.

This is a horrible product Samsung Fridge (model #RS2530BBP).
We purchased it in 2008. We have had nothing but problems. First, the ice maker has never worked right. We had it worked on so much that they extended my 1 year warranty by a few months just because I complained so much. We have also had trouble with the compressor fan. It's been replaced once and will have to be again. At this point, I am considering getting a lawyer and taking legal action since I don't have money to blow on a new fridge.

I will never buy another Samsung product again!
I purchased a french door Samsund refrigerator from Lowe's two years ago (2009). I have had nothing but trouble since. I ended up throwing out most of my vegetables because they rot in the bins, on the shelf, and in the bottom shelf. I have adjusted the temperature but nothing has helped. It's not like I can go out and purchase a new one. I spent $1500.00 on this one.

Samsung cloth washer junk!!!
I bought the washer from Sears 17 months ago. Purchased a warranty through sears when the 1 yr ran out. Last week I had a "no drain issue" and " F" error code.

Redwood City - Samsung VRT steam washer
This washer has been a great disappointment. The moldy smell, the fabric softener not emptying, and now the temperature sensor is coming on, and the cycle will not finish. I will be telling all those who are interested in purchasing a Samsung Washer and Dryer to not do so.

Palo Alto - Samsung Washing Machine flashing error codes
I just bought a front loader Samsung Silvercare and half way through the wash, it begins flashing. I replaced the pump, cleared the lines and it continues to do the same thing. I was told by my repair man that it's the control board. This is the first time that I have ever experience problems like this with a Samsung product. Now I may need to purchase a new washer that I can not afford. This really is disappointing. This product should be recalled.

Redwood City - New Samsung Washer giving error code
Right after purchasing the front load washer, midway through the cycle, the "low water pressure" error message appeared which necessitated a close inspection of all of the lines between the well and the washer to see if there was sediment present in the machine filter. After each episode, I might gain perhaps three event-free loads before it happens again. I changed the filter on the well inlet to a 5 micron, thinking it would block sediment but it's still happening now with no sediment in the lines. Samsung was clueless when asked to give information as to how to resolve the issue. They gave me the number of a service place to call and the number is no longer in service. They essentially told me that the low water pressure wasn't their problem.

Mountain View - Samsung washer is terrible machine
I have a Samsung washer. The clothes smell moldy. There's smoke from the washer. There have been many service calls. The water is not completely draining from tub. The list goes on and on. It's a terrible machine. It's not worth the money I spent on it. The service from Samsung is horrible and so is their product.

Palo Alto -Samsung Dryer poorly engineered
We bought a Samsung washer and dryer last year. The dryer is model DV350AER/XAA. We haven't had a problem with the washer yet. I really wanted the front load appliances, but I find that I don't like them as much as I thought I would. About a month after delivery, we had to have the dryer serviced because the drum was rubbing. Three weeks after the one year warranty expired, the heat sensor quit. I contacted Samsung and they basically said 'tough cookies'. It still dries using the timed cycle. We did not purchase an extended warranty. We figured that something that cost that much money would last longer than 13 months.

Mountain View - Do not buy Samsung washer or dryer
We have owned our set less than two years, after waiting for 5 months to get it from back order. We bought it black Friday. They lied about delivery for months. Both have broken and Sears repair is a rip-off. I wish we just bought new ones, I doubt this fixing will last. The clothes never smell clean. I'm so disappointed. After owning several other Samsung items, I'm shocked at how bad these suck, please don't waste your money!

We have the VRT Samsung washer/dryer a piece of ***
Units worked great for the first year. Recently, the dryer unit stopped spinning and wouldn't dry. No problem, we called a technician out to service the unit, and all was well. As it turned out, after a few weeks of hearing a clicking sound coming from the dryer, it finally began making loud banging noises. We stopped using the dryer, because we were afraid that something more serious would happen. After removing the top cover, we discovered that the Teflon tape that goes around the outside of the drum was tearing due to a bad design. The control box is a hair away from the Teflon tape on the drum and over time. The control box had sagged to come in contact with the tape; thus, tearing it and causing damage. What a ** this dryer is. The engineers need to address this defect so that it can easily be fixed.

Palo Alto -Samsung front loader washer and dryer
I purchased a Samsung Front Loading Washer and Dryer several months ago. I have followed all instruction and guidelines, and run all of the cycles and used all types of deodorizing products, detergents and fabric softeners, but my clothes never smell good. In fact, they often smell sour even if removed as soon as the washing cycle is completed.

Mountain View - Samsung Dishwasher needs service again
This unit has been worked on for the third time, which means I have had to be off from work three times as well. No one cares about the money this cost me as well as time. Samsung does not give out what problems they are having with their pieces of junk. They could care less about that. I will not be looking at their company for any other products.

Palo Alto -Samsung dishwasher pump failing fast
I purchased a Samsung dishwasher DMR57 series from Lowes a year and a half ago. After using it for a year it quit working. I called Lowes,to our surprise they do not service Samsung dishwashers. We were given a number to contact which is located 100 miles away, then we were advised to have the local Geek squad come to our home and charge us service call fee of $100.00 just to tell us that the pump is bad which we already knew.

Redwood City - Samsung dishwasher not worth the money!!
We had our DMR77 Samsung dishwasher for just over a year and twice it has broken down. Now the low water sensor continuously comes on. The first repair we had was covered by Samsung but getting them to pay for it was difficult. The repairman (only one in our area) didn't seem to think the machine was great and he has proved right. So to avoid a walk in fee of $$$$, my husband is stripping down the dishwasher. We paid almost $900 for this unit and it has not performed to anything near like it should have. I would not recommend this machine at all. We are off to buy a standard washing machine if it cannot be easily (and inexpensively) fixed. So much for high end machines!

Palo Alto - Samsung Microwave Oven what a nice looking piece of junk.
After only 17 months, the magnetron on a stainless steel high end microwave by Samsung broke down. I called Samsung and they put me in touch with a repair company. I am sure it is Magnetron because the food will not heat up. I decided why bother with a repair that will cost me a minimum of $160 on the low end for a machine that was $269 new.

Mountain View - Samsung microwave is a joke, class action please!!
We purchased our Samsung Stainless Steel Over the Range Microwave from Best Buy in March 2010. 17 months later, the microwave has stopped heating completely and is not under warranty. So frustrating. We had to get our 15-year old small countertop microwave out of the garage to use until we decide what other expensive brand we want to waste our money on. To invest in nice appliances is a joke and there should be a class action lawsuit.

I bought a Samsung SMH9187ST Microwave OTR in Spring of 2010. 15 months later, the keypad totally died with only an SE on the display. I called Samsung and got a total runaround as it's out of warranty. I have hardly even used this microwave! I talked to the manager at Lowe's, where I purchased this, but he was unable to help much. What a crock! I called an appliance repair center to have this fixed on my own and was told it would be cheaper to buy a new microwave. This is consumer fraud and if anyone ever files a class action suit, please feel free to contact me!

Mountain View - Samsung oven fire hazard, DANGER!!
My Samsung stove that was delivered on June 30, 2010 has a fault. I have pictures over a 30-minute period showing the control knobs are off and the burner is red hot. The only way to keep the burner off is to shut off the breaker. A serviceman came yesterday and replaced the burner, but it continues to turn itself on. He can't explain why, but he had no more parts so he had to order the same. These will not be in until next week. I called Samsung again this morning. They have no solution, even though this stove is very dangerous and cannot be used. I don't know what would happen if I had not been here or kids were around.

Mountain View - Samsung Range not heating properly
On 1/8/2011, I purchased an upscale Samsung Range Model FTQ353iWUX/XAA at HHGREGG. After noticing that the oven does not cook properly, I purchased a range temp gauge. I found that when the range pre-heat alarm rings, the oven is actually 75 degrees below the set temperature. It takes the range an additional 20 to 30 minutes to reach the set temperature which negatively effects the cook times. I called Samsung at 800-726-7864 and spoke to a Cedrik who refused to give his last name but gave an ID #***. He advised that this was a common problem and to set the temp up an additional 75 degrees. This would be fine except after 20-30 minutes, the oven temperature would be 75 degrees too hot. Cedrik was less than helpful. I would strongly advise anyone considering a Samsung Range to reconsider and look at ranges from reputable manufacturers.


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