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  Subzero is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

 Woodside - We have paid to have our model Subzero 550 refrigerator repaired several times. We have installed 3 coils, a thermostat, a compressor, three re-charges and a thermocouple. They installed a floor heater to prevent ice build up (a heater inside the refrigerated portion). We just had it repaired today, and 10 hours after the service, the inside temperature is 50 degrees, warmer than before it was repaired. Is there a class-action suit?

Palo Alto - I bought Sub Zero Refrigerator model 590. The freezer side continues to freeze up and runs down from the top left side to the bottom. It freezes the whole way down then if you open the door, it starts to unfreeze and leak over your floor. This problem has happened 8 times and the service repair is amounting to a total of $1,860.33. They keep replacing the same parts. Now they are telling me it will cost another $507.37 in parts.

Woodside -The Subzero fridge door cannot be opened, and there is always a pool of water. I have cleaned the rear drain three times. This 700 model fridge / freezer is only two years old. The noise is also terrible. I had to open the freezer drawers when I went into the kitchen to stop the fan. This is the most expensive load of rubbish I have ever seen.

Woodside - We bought a Sub Zero Refrigerator 500 series 9 years ago and were told this superior product was built to last 20 years. We are just starting year 9 and are on our 3rd service call. Of course we are just past the 12 year warrantee and now need a compressor, filter, etc. which was covered up until a few months ago. The bill is about $2K to fix. So their premium product lasts barely 12 years if you spend hundreds and thousands to continue to repair. This product is a rip off.

Sub-Zero admitted that they have a problem to the extent that the model I have which is a 550-an older model that is now discontinued, cannot work properly. But Sub-Zero would not agree to replace it. The refrigerator is built and no other model on the market will fit within the housing, meaning the entire area has to be refitted, which is at great expense

Palo Alto - Our Subzero Refrigerator 700 BR required repair. The parts were covered under warranty. Sub Zero gives exclusive contracts for warranty repair. This allows the repair company to charge a labor rate that is unreasonable. The repair technician was here for a total of 2 hours and six minutes and we were charged $698 for labor only. This is $335 per hour, more than most attorneys charge. This rate is over double what ServiceOne companies would charge. The difference would certainly cover the cost of the parts.

Woodside - I bought a new SubZero 36" 736TC integrated refrigerator. From the moment it was installed and turned on 10 days ago, it was noisy. I complained to the vendor and to the Subzero. The authorized repair service said the noise was normal. I went to a showroom two days ago where there was one installed and running and it did not make noise. Subzero will do nothing about it. They say if the service man says the noise is normal then there's nothing they need to do. But it's not normal! I've called two other SubZero dealers and they both told me they have never heard noise from a SubZero or had any complaints on this model. I cannot even run the refrigerator when I'm home. It is the sound of a microwave oven running ( all the time!). I spend $6,500 on this and I have no refrigerator in my new kitchen.

Portola Valley - I purchased this house 2 months ago and have had problems with the heat pump since I moved in. The fan will stop running, there are times when smoke comes out of the top. Looked like the motor was on fire. Called First American Home Warranty and they called out Sub-Zero to do a service call. they came out on Friday(Jan.16) and told us the heater was not running efficiently and it should be replaced because it cannot be repaired. Also told us that the unit should have been placed on a platform and that there were fins missing and coils running from the unit to the wall of the house was exposed and should be covered. Now they are claiming that they never said that the unit needs to be replaced nor are they saying that there is a problem with it.

Portola Valley - After 13 years, compressors, evaporator coils and fans have all been replaced. Both Subzero Refrigerators are still not cooling properly. Should I just give up? All foods are constantly being replaced. It is just frustrating.

After two years, my compressor fan is out. Sub-Zero was zero on helping me find a place that would come out. I would tell them each time I was told that Sub-Zero did not pay them enough to come out and find out what was wrong. Finally, searched online and found ServiceOne that came out and diagnosed the problem and ordered the part.

Palo Alto - I bought a Subzero Refrigerator floor model and was told it had the same warranty as a brand new one, after all it was only one year old. Well, the warranty is basically void because it was on the floor as a model. If it was only one year old, why drop the warranty? I feel like I have been had by Sub-Zero and by Lowes where I bought it. All food has gone bad. The refrigerator was useless.

Palo Alto - I have Sub Zero Refrigerator model 700TC/I. I would love to understand why lighting in top refrigerator was changed from two (2) common available bulbs that cost $1.50 each to four (4) especially made bulbs which was only available through Sub Zero and cost $42.53 each. I realized the effect on their profit margin but would like to think that since I could change the original bulbs 28 times for the price of one new bulb that there had to be another reason.

We bought a home two years ago and one of the reasons was because it had a beautiful custom kitchen with a Sub Zero refrigerator / freezer. This SubZero looks beautiful as it is integrated into the cabinetry however, it has just given us so many problems. In the first year we lived here, we had the repairman fix it, 12 times in six months. We had to shut down the refrigerator and use a stand alone refrigerator in our garage. The temperature will sometimes go up over 40 degrees and they don't know what to do about it. I've called Sub Zero but got no satisfaction. The refrigerator is approximately 14 years and is now out of warranty and it is so disheartening because a new one is way out of our price range and we have no other options as the space is too small to fit an off the rack refrigerator. There are no other options except to purchase a new one, but we wouldn't because we don't have that kind of money to waste and the product is awful. I would never recommend anyone to purchase one.


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