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  Thermador is supposed to be a premium brand but the consumers we hear from aren't very happy about the extra money they spent, judging from the complaints we see.

 Palo Alto -Thermador Double oven purchased in 2007 (ME302ES/01). The cooling fan caused an error code E118. Thermador has no one in my area to fix it. They will not give me the information to correctly diagnose the issue. I paid a lot of money for this bucket and the Thermador National Parts Center marks up the price of the part to above retail. When confronted the sales person said, "** you," and hung up. I think I'll yank it out and you fill in the blank with your colorful mete-fore. I ordered a cooling fan from Bosh for $116.00 and will change it out once. I'm thinking about a class action law suit if nothing is done.

I purchased more than $20,000 worth of Thermador appliances in 2007 for a whole kitchen remodel. Fortunately, I also purchased an extended warranty as well. The Thermador oven was installed in June 2007. The first problem within the first week was when the ignitor for large oven was not working properly, and nearly made the oven explode. Since that time, I have had over 10 service calls for the same problem. The large and small ovens are not working, and the x-lo burners are not working, or not cycling off and on as well. I have had ignitors replaced, and control boards replaced, numerous times (ignitor gap adjustments, etc.), all to no avail. It works for two or three months, then stops working altogether.

Palo Alto - We have a Duel Fuel Thermador range. We bought it about 4 years ago. But due to construction, we have only been using it for a little over three years. At a minimum, we have replaced two circuit boards, two fan motors in the hood and most recently the boiler coil has caught on fire and appears to have partially melted. My three-year old was standing next to the oven. If I had not been in the kitchen to turn it off and pulled her away, it could have been a disaster. I have called and asked for this unit to be removed from my home.

I purchased a complete set of Thermador appliances, Thermador double oven, microwave oven, dishwasher and Thermador refrigerator three years ago for my kitchen remodel. Every appliance has stopped working at least once. This Thanksgiving 2011, while cooking dinner for 25 family members, the ovens went out again. The oven and refrigerator has quit three times. They were repaired once under warranty and I have paid over 1600.00 for the other repairs. This stuff is junk. The service hotline was unhelpful and kept giving me service companies that would not work on their product anymore. I will never recommend or purchase anything from this manufacturer again.

Palo Alto - I bought a Thermador double convection 5 years ago. In that time, we have had numerous f-24 codes and exploded heating elements (2 fans replaced and 2 complete boards). And now after another $500 in repairs, we have a code 64, and all Thermador has to say is "It's out of warranty." Warning to all: Do not buy anything from Thermador.

It's the night before Thanksgiving 2011 and my Thermador oven has decided once again not to work. I cannot read an error code for it because that has not worked in over a year. When I tried to have that fixed, the technician said Thermador no longer makes that part. This Oven is 15 years old. The oven my mother used when I was growing up is still working and she has been dead for more than 15 years. Thermador has a racket going.

We purchased the extended warranty for our Thermador range. The oven has stopped working on three separate occasions in the last 10 months. My contract clearly states that they will replace the item if it fails three times within a 12-month period (Lemon Policy). They are refusing to replace and are going to attempt to repair it again. The first time it went out (December), it was done for 6 weeks. Then, it went out again in March. And now it stopped working again 2 weeks ago.

Almost immediately after buying our Thermador double wall oven, the top unit stopped working. We insisted on replacement rather than repair. A year later, again the top unit stopped working. It would not hold the temperature. Eventually we replaced the motherboard--very costly. Within a year, BOTH units stopped working. Sometimes a unit will heat but not hold the heat. Sometimes it will not heat at all.

I too have had a most unsatisfactory experience with my double wall ovens from Thermador. I am now on my 4th replacement heating coil. The electronic control panel went out in year 2 and Thermador advised me that I would have to replace the entire electronic motherboard. The temperature does not stay on consistently throughout the baking process. Their customer service is non-existent. I am so disappointed in the lack of quality in this expensive product. I will never buy another Thermador product and I want to warn anyone out there to stay away. I would rate my experience as no or negative stars.

Palo Alto - I have had a Thermador dual fuel range for nine years. I have put two panels, replaced the igniters two times, and I am lighting them with a lighter once again. I've replaced the door lock for the clean cycle, the bottom element once, and now it is bad again. When is enough? I have to give up investing in this horrible appliance. Thermador does nothing to help.

Palo Alto - We purchased a Thermador microwave in 2009. 2 years later, the coating under the glass plate inside the microwave started chipping and peeling, then it started to rust. I called Thermador to inquire about the warranty for this matter. They sent me an email with an option to purchase touch up paint for the problem. But they would not replace the microwave. I had a Panasonic microwave that I had for 10 years and it never peeled or rusted. I finally got rid of it when the motor went out on the rotating plate. This is ridiculous that company, as large and respected as this, would not honor its product for customer satisfaction.

When installed, the brand new Thermador wine cooler did not work. A Thermador service technician was called out and informed the owner that the unit had a leak and he was advising that it needed to be replaced. Thermador will now not replace and are asking that we deal with a third party servicer directly. This unit cost over $4,000. This neither pays for machine quality nor customer service!

Palo Alto - Thermador Dual Supply Range - PD484GGEBS-4 burner. Our Thermador Oven stopped working (oven) due to what they called "a control board" short issue. Thermador has no record for this issue and we were routed to a local repair (Gourmet Appliances). This was after 4 years of use. The control board materials to replace it was about $800 and installation just over $1000. Now after 5 years after a normal "cleaning mode", the oven switched to automatically release the door after cleaning and was stuck. We are really concerned over the quality of this product; a "professional" series product. I have saved the original control board if you wish to pursue. I also urge action against Thermador for their quality problems and lack of quality service.

Palo Alto - I bought Thermador Single Wall Oven Model C301ZS on 3/30/09, for $2650.00 and have had constant problems. Serviced three times during appliance warranty period, each time waiting 2 weeks to 1 month for a repair person. I then took an extended warranty from GE Service Protection Plus. Three more service calls necessary. GE sent repair people not familiar with Thermador, so each call required 2 or more visits until someone knew how to repair it.

I am the original owner of both a Thermador ExtraLow CGSCV 365 cooktop with matching Cook 'n' Vent draft and double convection oven. Both units have been problems from the beginning. The cooktop was never designed to be serviced and Thermador failed to ever make spare parts for the oven. Thermador is nothing more than slick marketing hype. The products are not meant to be used or maintained. If you want to cook or ever sell your house, find another brand to purchase and install.

Palo Alto - Our 9-month-old Thermador T36 Refrigerator stopped making ice--the water filter had expired. Now I have a choice of buying filters from Thermador for the rest of my life or bypassing the filter by buying a substitute filter--for $45 (plus shipping and handling, of course)!

While in the self cleaning mode, my three year old Thermador Pro Grande 36 inch all gas range caught fire, causing the wood floor, wall and cabients to go up in flames, causing substantial damage to my entire home. Our insurance fire investigator scheduled an appointment for Thermador to come to the house and see the oven and damage and they did not show up. The range is now in the investigator's evidence room, along with some of the burnt cabinets. My family is now living in our home for over six weeks without a kitchen and without the use of about a third of our home as we wait for Thermador to respond to this incident. This range is a potential fire hazard that has the ability to not only burn the house down, but to cause substantial physical injury and or death to the consumer.

Palo Alto - I purchased a Thermador 30" Gas Range for $4,700 in 2005. Since my original purchase, I have had the authorized service provider on site 6 times to address multiple failures under and out of warranty. The latest issue has made the oven and both broilers non-functional. My local authorized service provider estimated the repair to cost $1,000. I contacted Thermador Customer Service and they denied helping. When I asked what the next step would be, they told me to write to the Customer Liaison. I sent the letter to the Liaison and they responded stating that they would not help.

We purchased a Thermador gas oven / 4 burner range in 2007 for $4,000. It has been a virtual nightmare to use. We have poured thousands of dollars into this piece of junk and it still does not work properly. The service people at Service One told us that Thermador is a very strange company and does not discuss product issues with anyone and that problems are intrinsic with their products. We have replaced every part of the internal workings of this stove, incurred over $2,000 in repairs and it still does not work properly. We tried calling Thermador's headquarters and spoke with arrogant, rude people who would hang up the phone on us. We implore you to file action against this company. Your website is rife with a plethora of complaints about their stoves. Please help us.

I am fed up in Somerset! My professional Thermador stove oven is a junk! The burner ignition works when it wants and doesn't shut off when it does. I have replaced all four burner valves at least once. The sheet metal oven box is rusting out and the screws, which hold the parts together, no longer fit their holes. We paid big bucks for this unit five years ago expecting the stove to last. But it needs to be replaced and it won't be with another Thermador.

Have had oven problem with thermador gas range prg3666eh/07: the top gas burners all work but the oven does not start. Our range is only 18 months old. Bought from Abt Chicago in April 2009. Not good for a range that costs $5K! The thermador service person was not helpful: focused on our range being out of warranty, mentioned that the gas pressure may be too low and would not troubleshoot the problem over the phone. The range worked for 18 months! Give me a break! When turning the main knob (bake / convection bake/off/light/broil) the blue lights (preheating/heating) turn on and off with sometimes a clicking sound; Or sometimes everything is silent. Sometimes these blue lights turn on their own when not using the range. I am not impressed by Thermador. Wished I had bought a Viking.

I own a Thermador Professional Series duel fuel six burner, with grill and dual oven. I have had to replace the elements in both oven one, which went out on Thanksgiving Day with the turkey inside. I ordered the part, like they told me I needed, and received the wrong part, sent it back, and paid a restocking fee. Now, two burners will not light. When the burner shut itself off, it has not came back on again. I moved the pan, only to have the second burner do the same thing. I paid over $8,000 for the range. You would think it would last longer than a few years before it would fall apart. It is only about 5-6 years old. This range is draining me.

I purchased an entire Thermador kitchen, oven / microwave unit, stove with griddle and grill along with a stove top range w (Thermador cooktop). These three items were more than $11,000. In less than two years, we started having problems. Two mother boards, the oven was repaired twice, the microwave twice, the range hood three times and the griddle once. The oven has had parts prepaid and ordered for a year in November. Everything I purchased can no longer be fixed. Techs do not even want to work on them. Thermador is a big rip off. I would never purchase from them. Thermador could not or would not help me. Beware of this company!!

I bought a six-burner (gas) Thermador stove in 2008, not sure of the model number. About six months ago, I started having problems with the broiler going on then the oven would either not heat up or shut down. Now, the oven does not heat at all and the broiler does not work. Had a service guy out who says it will be a nightmare to fix and does not want to touch it with a 10-foot pole. After reading these postings, not sure if I want to bother throwing good money after bad or just purchase a new stove. Believe me it will not be a Thermador.

What a nightmare! I too bought my Thermador oven in 2009. I have a Thermador gas cook top and under-the-counter oven. If I walk within 6 inches of the mother board screen, the over goes on. The screen starts to blink. Needless to say, I have to turn the oven off and reset it each time! The repairman thinks I'm crazy! There have been many repairs due to F3 coming up on the board. It has been corrected. The stove top self ignition has had to be replaced and fixed twice. Should I go on? I'd like to throw both appliances out but I can't afford it right now. It restricts my walking in front of the stove!


Palo Alto - My Thermador range model RDDS30VQB has many problems with oven temperature, burners not lighting, internal fuse burning out, oven temperature display dim. Parts are no longer being made for it. It is 8 years old and a built-in unit. Its vent is custom cut into the house, through the floor and out of the building. It is not a small task to replace it. It's time to boycott Thermador. The dish washer has a similar history. Junk, junk, junk. Dollar value lost is $3500.00, not to mention time

We purchased this Thermador stove because we love to cook $3000. its been a disaster had it repaired 3 times. The last repair guy said the reason we are having problems with it is because we cook a lot. He said this looks industrial but its not. if you wanted a stove for cooking you should of bought a Maytag. What $3000 and not designed to cook a lot. We are currently using ONE burner. DO NOT BUY THIS STOVE IF YOU LOVE TO COOK.

Thermostat broke for dual-fuel range- I can't find it anywhere. Loved the range, but can't afford to replace it and don't want to just rip it out. What the hey?

Palo Alto - Thermador electric wall oven, Model CT 127N3, 1995, temp. setting device failed to operate cleanly: on setting temp, using rotary dial, temp on readout could be reached but not fixed; always sprang back to zero. Serviceman told us unit could only be repaired at $400. plus. I refused. The control box for this unit, the size of a pair of cigarette packs, has rotary units that can be cleaned with a mild degreaser. I did, and saved that money. It has just begun to be unfriendly again, some 5 years since cleaning.

Palo Alto - Thermador Gas Cook Top, GGN 30: we warped the large burner base, needed a replacement. This part still available as of 4/14/10. But we discover that small burner base is "permanently discontinued". If one of these should be damaged, Thermador will not see us buy one of their products. #1 Oven: no use for three days until owner learned how to clean tempcontrol. On next cleaning, 5 hours of my time, or oven replacement at $whatever. #2 Burner base: projected loss of otherwise perfectly good, high end cook top ast some $1500.

Thermador PD486GDBS Duel fuel range. Needs regular repairs. Motherboard replaced last year. First small oven started to spark and start a fire. Now the large oven has done the same. Sparks and fire.

Just read a number of comments / complaint about THERMADOR after seeing the same complaint let me also add that my Thermador PD364GL stove has the same problem of the igniter on the burners keeps clicking I cant use two of the burners as I fear it may explode. Three of the burners on top are are shaking. As for the Thermador refrigerator forget it they never cools repair bills have exceeded the cost of the unit, had to by a new ice maker before the refrigerator was a year old it is now not cooling after no less than 10 visits by a technician.

Bought a Thermador downdraft oven (gas / electric) made funny noises, and burst into flames, while NOT BEING USED. Thermador said the electrician that wired it was at fault. Insane product, dishonest practices...never buy Thermador again, telling everyone.

We bought a Thermador gas range with electric oven 6 years ago. We had to replace the thermostat once a couple of years ago. The oven is not working again and now it turns out the part is no longer made. A very expensive but unreliable appliance, will never buy anything from this brand again.

Palo Alto - I purchased this Thermador oven / microwave built in unit Model #sm272zs for $2899.00 in 2003. It has never worked properly. I complained to Thermadore and was told I needed to have a service person come out and calibrate the oven. Brand new! It still would not bake a typical item. They said it was fixed. I had three different repairmen attempt the repair. Thermadore added a year to my warranty, but never fixed the oven. Lot of good that was.

I have limped along for years, just using the convection setting, bake doesn't work and cooking things extra long and having it look browned on left but not on right. Finally lightening struck my house and I can finally use the insurance money to purchase a different brand. This company is no longer the original Thermadore. I will never, ever purchase another product from them and advise all my friends and clients to avoid Thermadore at all cost!

We have two Thermador ovens and a Thermador cooktop - we have had nothing but problems. Within 14 months, one of the oven displays went (our 2nd oven - had only been used once) - we had to pay $500 to get it fixed. Then the other display went out. We called and Thermador stopped making the display unit - suggesting we buy another oven. There is no source for the part. Then I went online and found a repair that required putting higher temperature capacitors on the board. Did it in 20 minutes and fixed it - proving it's a design flaw. Until then, my boys didn't know if the oven was even on or not - a dangerous situation. Called Thermador again two years later when I had the problem again - they basically said "tough luck". I would never buy their products again.

Palo Alto - We had professional double Thermador ovens less than one year. Last month while doing a first self clean the glass door shattered. The store where we bought the ovens is letting us replace them with either another Thermador or another wall oven.

Palo Alto - We have a dual oven and has had its electronic panel changed twice already. The new panel has again an error code (F7) and keeps beeping. The only way to reset is by turning off the circuit. The problem starts up again after a few mintes. Thermador is obviously aware of the panel problems and I believe that the own should be recalled. The oven has to be reset every time at the circuit panel.

In 2002 I purchased Thermador model SMW 272 combo, microwave, warming drawer, and oven. Very expensive unit. Had several service calls during the first few months, Thermador finaly replaced the unit in 2003, no paper work on this, of course not. I have had nothing but costly repairs on this unit. First convection went out, that was under warranty but cost arm and leg for labor to have it installed. Then display light for oven temp and time went out, several hundred dollars. Now the light in microwave is out and I am quoted $280. dollars just for labor to replace the light bulb not including the bulb. Sounds like a joke. How much does it cost to replace a light bulb? I wanted to re-model my Kitchen. I gave away a nice 15 year old Kitchen Aid combo, top of the line that never had a service call in the 15 years I owned it. If anyone has a class action suit I would like to be advised and included.

My cabinet gets very hot when I use the self cleaning in the oven. I don't use it. I am afraid of fire.

Stanford - Our dual fuel Thermador oven which has never worked properly in 3 years caught on fire on Sunday in our kitchen. After 5 motherboards and NO response from Thermador. We are out $5000 for an oven that doesn't work. Look at these complaints, we need a class action lawsuit against Thermador.

Palo Alto -Our Thermador triple oven (micro, warming drawer)was delivered 9/07 and installed 12/07 for our kitchen remodel. One year and 8 months later the oven has failed. Thermador tells us they no longer manufacture the relay board that is apparently the problem. We are stuck with an appliance that our kitchen cabinet was fitted for. Did I mention the MSRP of $3999? Thermador will not help us since the product is out of warranty- a whopping one year. Beware of this company. Once they get your $4000 they could care less about you. And, yes, it is a noisy unit with the fan blowing at all times during baking...had to get used to that. We are going to attempt to send the relay board to a refurbishing company. If that solves the problem we will have spent approximately $4-500. After reading the experiences of others I lack confidence in the Thermador oven.

Top of the line Thermador microwave Model MBBS - burned out and melted and shorted the cavity - cannot be repaired. $ years old and out of warranty (how convenient) Repair technician said he has had many of the same problems with the MBBS - in fact, Thermador had to change features of the model - to replace microwave and trim kit is $1000.00. Contacted Thermador - no help offered - waiting for a supervisor to call back.

No Thermador microwave - $800+ invested to last only 4 years. I have a $55 microwave in my office that I have had and used for more than 10 years.

The broiler on our Thermador oven / range has never worked properly. We have had it repaired four times and now the authorized repair shop has said he cannot fix the problem. The gas explodes when the broiler is turned off. We have spent over $2700 trying to fix this problem.

Stanford - We have a Thermador refrigerator with a wood panel front. The paddles for the ice/water dispenser on the front extend over the drip tray causing all drips & ice chips to fall onto the wood panel. The drip tray needs to extend far enough to protect the wood. This is an obvious design flaw that could be easily remedied with a new tray that extends farther. However, I have been trying for months to get Thermador to respond. After waiting on hold, finally talking to someone, and being promised results too many times to count I am at a loss as to what to do next. Not a single representative has ever bothered to call back as promised. NOT ONE!


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